Enter the Stirrup Pant

Look, to be honest I had heard the rumours but I didn’t believe it could be true. That was before I walked into Witchery yesterday morning and was confronted by a slap across my face memory from the late eighties….

Stirrup pants are back! Born in 1985, it has taken a few decades to trot back into fashion. While I am here, who decides these things anyway? This particular pair will set you back $129 and is made of nylon, so you should also factor in another sixteen bucks for a tube of Canesten to treat your impending yeast infection.

When I was in year nine, I conned my mother into purchasing me a pair. I believe the brand was JAG. While we were shopping, I spotted an item that was imperative to complete my look. It was a long sleeved grey, white and silver striped bodysuit. SQUEE! I poured myself into my body suit and then popped on my stirrup pants. I recall looking in the mirror thinking I was a mixture of hotness and fatness so I sucked in my guts a bit.

That’s better!

Oh if only I could go back to that fifteen year old me, shake her by the shoulders and tell her she was going to get so much fatter and to work that little paunch like it was nobodies business! The bodysuit became a bit of a liability due to its propensity to fling open at inappropriate times. “I darn near lost an eyeball!”

I wore those stirrup pants to death! When not wearing them with my sausage body suit, I would team them with a large red checked flanno. Or my CherryLane sweatshirt that said CherryLane across the boobs. Or my Sportsgirl sweatshirt that said Sportsgirl across the boobs.

Now a word to all the whippersnapper fashion bloggers who hang on every word I type. This garment may be confusing to you, so I have put together a style fly for you so you can see how you might be able to include this iconic statement pant into your everyday wardrobe.

Because if you are wearing it any other way YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

So lovely readers, are you going to embrace the Stirrup Pant?

How did you wear yours back in the day?

  • Sarah Watts

    Oh how I did love me a stirrup pant! Not so much a body suit and their annoying little do-ups in your crutch! this post has bought back soooo many memories – what a fashion era the 80’s was!

  • Heidi D

    In the 80’s I would wear them with my bodysuit too. It was white with black polka dots & had plastic press studs that could inflict serious injury if one popped open.I will not be embracing that look 2nd time around, once was more than enough

  • Simone Hanckel

    OMG…An oversized colourful jumper (remember the Vegemite ones?), black stirrup pants and slouch boots. I had an awesome figure, but you’d never have known. Damn you 80s fashion!!

  • Emma

    I had grey corduroy ones.. that I wore to school – colours were bottle green and grey. Looked AWESOME……

  • Jane

    black and white houndstooth with an oversize black jumper and suede ballet flats. Importantly, the stirrup was on the inside of the shoe. Read an article on the weekend saying, this time, stirrup is on outside of shoe and we were all completely wrong!

  • They used to be great for on the farm so your pants wouldn’t ride up in your gumboots, but that’s about it! Not surprisingly I shall not be embracing this trend

  • Tracey Bradshaw

    Oh yes – loved them. The stirrups helped them to stay tucked into my boots. Like someone else mentioned, I had a black and white houndstooth pair and a plain black pair. Oversized shirts with rolled up sleeves and maybe a low slung belt. I had a black jersey, crossover bodysuit that did not have convenient crotch snaps, so it was either pull it aside or get half undressed to go to the loo. 😳

  • Ange

    No, just no. I had these which I wore with a bodysuit – but I’m only 165cm and wasn’t skinny then so to get them to fit me, they were invariably too long. But never fear, add some pushed down oversized socks and a pair of Doc Martens (only the shoes because I wasn’t cool enough for boots) or brogues and I was set.

    Clearly another year where I will have to remain on the fashion outer

  • lisa

    black stirrup pants, chambray shirt and the biggest shoulder pads in the world – I thought I was pretty bloody hot (probs not in hindsight)

  • Vicki m

    Yup, sure did, had splurged on 2 country road pairs, one in a khaki and one in tiny grey and black houndstooth- wore those babies on high rotation to my first office job. Usually with a loud bright collared shirt tucked in, tan loafers or a choice pair of bronze snakeskin loafers. Thought I was the bees knees – how tragic ! Not revisiting by any means, tragic indeed, especially as I was a Siz 8 and are now somewhat more cuddly 14 on a good day !

  • bee

    yes I wore black stirrup pants to death, loved them. Will not revisit.

  • Belinda Hoult

    Wore my black ones with an oversized black Sportsgirl jumper worn off the shoulder. Pashed a navy guy on the dance floor at my brother’s first wife’s hens night while wearing this ensemble. She was very unimpressed with me as it was “unbridesmaidlike”.

  • Vicki

    Where did you get my photos from?

  • marie

    OMG I had a gorgeous pair of black and white checked stirrup pants from Pitt Street Mall Sportsgirl -size friggen 8 !! But please leave them back in the 80’s !

  • Louise

    I had some but they were never quite long enough. I spent all my time pulling them up from just above the knees. In the bathroom I spent my time trying to do the bodysuit up. It was really hard to do after a few drinks!

  • Sarah Milbourn

    Oh yes, the memories. I wore the stirrup inside my shoes. What is with the new trend of wearing them on the outside?? Also means they can only be worn with a high heel.

  • Oh My Goodness! I wore a more “conservative” green tartan pair but had the stirrups inside my shoes. Is it true that you are not supposed to revisit a trend if you remember wearing it last time it came around?