Enter the Stirrup Pant

Look, to be honest I had heard the rumours but I didn’t believe it could be true. That was before I walked into Witchery yesterday morning and was confronted by a slap across my face memory from the late eighties….

Stirrup pants are back! Born in 1985, it has taken a few decades to trot back into fashion. While I am here, who decides these things anyway? This particular pair will set you back $129 and is made of nylon, so you should also factor in another sixteen bucks for a tube of Canesten to treat your impending yeast infection.

When I was in year nine, I conned my mother into purchasing me a pair. I believe the brand was JAG. While we were shopping, I spotted an item that was imperative to complete my look. It was a long sleeved grey, white and silver striped bodysuit. SQUEE! I poured myself into my body suit and then popped on my stirrup pants. I recall looking in the mirror thinking I was a mixture of hotness and fatness so I sucked in my guts a bit.

That’s better!

Oh if only I could go back to that fifteen year old me, shake her by the shoulders and tell her she was going to get so much fatter and to work that little paunch like it was nobodies business! The bodysuit became a bit of a liability due to its propensity to fling open at inappropriate times. “I darn near lost an eyeball!”

I wore those stirrup pants to death! When not wearing them with my sausage body suit, I would team them with a large red checked flanno. Or my CherryLane sweatshirt that said CherryLane across the boobs. Or my Sportsgirl sweatshirt that said Sportsgirl across the boobs.

Now a word to all the whippersnapper fashion bloggers who hang on every word I type. This garment may be confusing to you, so I have put together a style fly for you so you can see how you might be able to include this iconic statement pant into your everyday wardrobe.

Because if you are wearing it any other way YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

So lovely readers, are you going to embrace the Stirrup Pant?

How did you wear yours back in the day?