Inside my linen cupboard

It is not unusual to be left feeling inadequate when you spend some time on social media. It can make you feel fat and frumpy, a shit-house cook, a hot mess in most areas of your life and bad at decorating your kids bedroom. And on the odd occasion you come across something so contrived, it makes you want to punch yourself in the throat.

Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it bullshit? Beautiful bullshit. Hooray for Pinterest for its inspirational living. There are so many photos of beautiful linen cupboards on Pinterest, its enough to make you want to grab your label maker and label everything. Including the label maker itself.

Lets take a look at mine. It is a small, wooden built in cupboard in the hall. I actually don’t think it is too bad! The little collection of baby blankets in the top left corner has not been touched for years. The middle shelf is my vast collection of pillow cases with a few hand towels thrown in for good measure. Next shelf has bath towels and one scrunched up sheet. The one below that is a concophony of single, double, queen and king sized sheets.

Because I am naturally a nosy person, I put the call out to WoogsWorld readers so share their own dirty little secrets that is their linen cupboard.

Here is Liani’s. It is quite something hey!

Michelle holds an impressive amount of linen cupboard real estate….

Marsha is my sprit animal.

Natalie doesn’t own a linen cupboard, but keeps her sheets in sets under the bed. TEN OUT OF TEN on the improvisation.

Occasionally I get a strange urge to sort out my linen. I will pull it all out and start to sort stuff. Then, once the novelty well and truly wears off, I direct my attention to more important things, like googling symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome because I have a sore arm. From folding. Then Mr. Woog will come home from work, cast his eye over the scenario and enquire as to whether we have been robbed.

WoogsWorld’s favourite male reader Andrew has a double cupboard and uses the space well.

Jennifer! Stop it!

I suspect that Allira would be able to locate something fairly quickly.

Shavaun is renovating! Viva the Linen Couch!

Jan used to run a B&B and took my challenge very seriously. She went to B&B school to learn about these things.

Do you enjoy these exposé posts? Do you like snooping too? Sometimes when I go to open houses and if no-one is around I will totally look inside the bathroom cupboards.

Amanda! Well, she was inspired by Baby Mac’s How to fold a fitted sheet phenomena that was the social media craze that she started in 2016.

Hooray for Shannon! I was starting to feel a little sloppy myself…

And finally my favourite. Carolyn I love the fact that you keep a kangaroo on the top of yours.

Thanks to everyone who was willing to share their approach to organising linen. I love that we are all such diverse creatures. I am sorry that I could not include all of them, but I invite you to share yours in the comment section below, so we can judge you too.

Have you ever been hit by a linen avalanche?

Do you fold, or roll, shove and slam the door quickly?



  • Vicki Rogers

    All I can say is I wish I was OCD, Sadly, I’m not. mine is occasionally in neat piles. Mostly like just put in on a shelf and shut the door. I do store the linen under the be in draws.

    • Shove and shut! That’s me xx

  • The lady who looks after Dog when we go away does a damn fine job on spoiling her like mad. She also likes to ‘tidy’ stuff….seriously OCD. She empties the whole linen cupboard, IRONS ALL THE SHEETS and then tucks em all away. Yep neat and tidy. Except that I need to pull it all out to find the right sized sheets, cos all of mine are white, all the same, except for size and size really does matter. If you need a house sitter and a dog spoiler and a good cupboard clearer-outter, this lady is your gal.

    • I have a spare bedroom and I think she needs to move in with me!

      • She is a god-send until it’s time to go looking for ANYTHING at all. Every kitchen item and every bottle of shit in the fridge and every loo roll, all in a different place. The first time I was surprised and annoyed and now I just reckon it’s part of the game of going away. Let me know when I should send her contact details.

    • Kazzie

      I use a marker and write S, D and Q on one of the sheet corners. But also labelled the linen shelves too.

  • Heidi D

    I would be a shove & shut type person but I am married to Mr Neat. This is probably a good thing as we live in a shoebox & our linen cupboard is two shelves in a bedroom cupboard so folding & neatly stacking is essential

  • Christina

    I love a snoop too!
    Love these posts❤️
    Keep folding people!

  • Donna

    I have a breast feeding pillow in mine. Youngest is five. I also have a few left over undie depends from the whooping cough/flu/pneumonia winter of 1993. Plus sheets the wrong size for our bed. I’m a stuff and slam shut person. Been meaning to clean it for ages but you know Netflix and heater……..

  • Nicola

    Full marks to Carolyn also for having a labelling system to keep everything in order.

  • Bee

    Love the post Mrs W

  • Shove and slam all the way – surprise surprise!

  • Hahaha oh yes. The avalanche!! I always intend on throwing out a bunch of stuff (or donating it) but I never ever do. Sigh.

  • Cheekie

    Oh this was so much fun to read, I fold then shove

  • Mystica

    I wouldn’t dare show mine! it shares space with my gifting stuff. A little messy is putting it mildly. I’ve hopefully made a start by moving all the sheets and duvets to another cupboard as I never got that folding part down (the fitted sheets I mean).

  • Sally Rose

    Step back from the Pinterest Mrs Woog. It is for young Mormon women, I’ve been told.
    It reinforces unreal expectations of women . Who ever looks at other people’s linen cupboards anyway. Just whistle a happy tune and slam the door on those sheets and the skiing clothes which everyone has grown out of.

  • Nicole Watson

    Just did mine, how long it lasts is the question? Prior to Kmart mums inspiration it was shove and shut

  • Selina

    Once a millennium I get all nesty and refold neatly.
    After that it’s shove shut & run fast!

  • Mystica

    I have Jumbo my 34 year old daughters stuffed dog! he is about five feet in length and she is waiting for me to bring it to Melbourne! for her kids!!! Jumbo lives right on the top shelf which was meant for hand luggage.