Am I the only one who hates the modern day shopping experience?

I have a confession to make. It has been slowly creeping up on me but it is only recently that I have realised it.

I hate shopping centres!

This is a big deal because for years I was a shopping ninja. Stick me in front of a shopping centre and I was there in earnest. I would buy shit that I didn’t need, just because it was a bargain. Then those bargains would pile up in my cupboard, abandoned and ignored while I continued to play favourites with my wardrobe. Then eventually I would clear out my wardrobes and they would become Vinnie donations.

I used to enter a chain store and immediately see things that I NEEDED. Which is why I have 4 grey v-neck jumpers in my closet. Yes four, basically like a school uniform jumper.

This week I went shopping for jeans as I wear them every day and my “distressed” pair had become so “distressed” that they were now unwearable. So I go into the tried and tested places like Country Road, Sussan, Witchery etc and I could not even raise the enthusiasm to take off my shoes, then my pants and then try the bloody things on. So I left without any. Everything in the stores at the moment are grey or black or white. Except French Connection had a bit of green, which was pleasing.

And then there are the people. So many people dawdling around, apparently aimlessly. The slow walkers who make my tension rise.

Look, I am not saying that I will never darken the doorstep of my closest Westfield, but I am finding it more and more of a punish. Remember how Oxford Street in Paddington was years ago? Lovely, independent boutiques, cafes and bookstores staffed by the people who owned the businesses. SHAKES FIST AT FRANK LOWY! The growth of mega-centres has basically destroyed high street shopping. Everything is the same, so we all end up looking the same and having the same doona covers and mugs.

You might think I am being dramatic (Who me? Never…) but looking down from the tops level at all the people swarming around with their bags reminded me of caged rats. I ended up buying 6 sleeves of coffee from Nespresso, which is something that has me reaching for a Valium in itself, and a Diet Coke. DO NOT JUDGE ME FOR I ADORE CAFFEINE.

Is it just me?

Am I the only one who hates the modern-day shopping experience?

What do you like or loathe about it?