Talk to the animals

One of my special skills sets, much to the abhorrence of my children, is that I like to talk to the animals. And not just my own animals. Any animal whose path I cross.

Sometimes, at home, I will be having a good old chat to Chuy about the events of the day, when Horatio would have to explain to his mates that I am not addressing him, but asking Chuy whether he would like his dinner, or a coffee. Chuy is always up for a yarn.

Isobel doesn’t really talk back, but the bitch is a great listener.

After they have their dinner at five PM, Chuy takes himself out to the front fence to greet his daily visitors. They are an elderly couple who talk and pat Chuy, while he engages them in some wonderful banter. Sometimes, my chats with Chuy provide me with the most satisfying social exchanges for the whole day. This is because he doesn’t answer questions with grunts, but speaks his native language of Feline, which of course I cannot understand but I pretend to him that I do.

In my dreams, I would live on a small farm and be a little like Noah with a collection of animals. Ideally, I would love to have chickens, because I think they are magnificent and are also very chatty. One of my favourite pets I ever had was a chook called Chooken. You can read more about her here. 

I would also love a greyhound and a miniature goat like the ones you see jumping around on you tube.

And while Isobel might not be great in the conversation stakes, my exchanges with her are getting more and more ridiculous. I have started to use this stupid, high-pitched baby voice which is annoying to everyone here.

“Whose my baby! Who is mummy’s good girl……” and on and until someone in my family suggests that I give it a break.

“Whose my chicken licken…..”

But I KNOW 100% in my heart that I am not the only person out there who talks to animals. And do not EVEN start me on my behaviour when I encounter babies when lined up in the supermarket queue. It is something you have in your genes, this necessary need to exchange banter with animals and babies.

Do you possess the gene?

What do you say to your animals?