Thoughts on Modern Media

For the sake of my mental health, I have had to stop watching the news. I have also had to dial back a LOT of my media consumption online. And I have to be feeling very brave to check into Twitter! Because there appears to be a lack of any good news at the moment.

It appears that the world has turned to shit and everyone is applauding.

Let us take a look at the biggest news website in Australia. Here is todays headlines.

Uplifting hey! And what’s going down at the gutter rag known as The Daily Mail.

And hey Mamamia… wassup?

Not as depressing as it could be. I was actually supposed to write an article about my thoughts on that show Yummy Mummies for a news outlet last night but I had to pull the pin as the whole show made me feel wretched.

I think the media in general has really starting to hit rock bottom. I cannot stand the fact that news-readers are now the news.

The news used to be on once an evening, but now there is a 24 hour news cycle which constantly needs feeding, but they don’t call it “news” anymore. It is called content. And the days of the great investigative journalist have thinned out, to be replaced with “content creators.” Content creators scour the inter webs, blatantly ripping off the work of others. Influencers are refusing to reveal that their content is being paid for. Currently there is a campaign being fronted by a well-known Australian online personality to raise awareness about a childhood virus. Which is all very well and good but most people would not be aware that this spokeswoman is being paid be one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, which produces the vaccine associated with preventing this disease.

The modern media, I think anyway, is fuelling the fear, that the world is turning to shit and we will all be doomed! Which is why I am dialling back from it all. Because there IS good stuff in the world and I would rather read about that. I am just having problems finding it.

What do you think of the modern media?

Does it make you feel wretched?


  • I can’t consume news anymore. Pretty much the same reasons you said. I don’t mind some well written, extensively researched “old school” journalism, but honestly, that’s like what, one piece of content a month maybe like that? I used to feel bad (kinda) that I wasn’t staying “informed” but yeah, I no longer feel that as I no longer view the news as news. I do feel sorry for journalists who still want to be “real” journalists. It’d be a hard industry to be in these days.

    • It would be a very hard industry to make your mark in!

  • Dragon Dad has a habit of turning on morning TV when he’s having breakfast – me, I keep everything off and read… Inevitably, he’s depressed, and says,”I’m never doing this again, it’s too depressing watching the news…” Until the next morning when he turns it on. This goes on for some time until he finally cracks and stops watching. Then all is peaceful in the mornings. Until the cycle starts again – we reached peak saturation yesterday again, so this morning, it was the highlights of the Tour de France instead… Much better. Apart from poor Ritchie Porte crashing and breaking himself in a few critical places. Still, a massive improvement. I see enough news on FB in the course of a day – I don’t usually feel the need to watch it on TV these days. It would be nice to go back to actual news again, instead of ‘content’ – and some properly researched and presented stories, even if they’re not good news… The current hysteria and ‘over share’ is just awful.

  • Wendy

    I only listen to ABC Coast FM radio and don’t watch the ‘news’ as our 5yr old doesn’t need to see it. I detest commercial radio for the sheer amount and sameness of the advertising. I figure I hear enough while doing kindy pick up and drop off on ABC to be informed – the rest is just trash!

    • I listen to Wendy Harmer in the morning as I work. ABC on Monday nights are also mandatory!


    I think Chris Uhlmann’s dissection of DT at G20 was great!
    Otherwise, yes, I agree.
    Don’t even start me on the comments section…people are vile.

    • I must have watched that 6 times. Both brilliant and depressing.

  • So true I can barely watch or read the so called news. I honestly don’t even know where we are supposed to get decent quality actual news from anymore. I want the news to help me form my opinions, to challenge my thinking, to give me new ideas but I sadly feel like I am hoping for something that simply won’t ever exist again.

    PS Good for you for pulling the pin on the article! xo

    • Yes, I didn’t have anything nice to say so I chose not to say it!

  • For good news try your local weekly rag, the free one, think it’s still Fairfax down there?? xxx

    • The North Shore Times gives me the bridge results that I hang out for!

  • Bee

    OMG Roxy J/Karl/ reality people I just skip past them but there is not much to skip too.

    • How can they be in the news everyday? Baffling.

  • Heidi D

    Once upon a time I would watch the nightly news to see what was going on in the world or read the newspaper that Dad drops down to us in the evening. Now the newspaper goes straight into the recycling & I avoid most news programs. I am amazed by some of the total crap that passes for news now.

  • Jeanine

    I’m so sick of ‘breaking news’ every five minutes and the rest is rubbish. Watched a minute of the morning show and there’s Larry Emdur bagging out someone (dancing, I think) when I heard him compare them to someone having an epileptic fit and anaphylaxis, I was so disgusted especially when we have both in our family. I’m still fuming.

    • I am glad I missed that. That is awful.

  • I think you’re onto a good idea here and I should cut my viewing of this so called “news”. But I do like to skim through the local paper – or what’s left of it after half our local journalists have been sacked. Otherwise I may have missed this gem!
    Sadly I was busy with children’s sporting events, but I’m glad the paper covered this story about a bunny hopping competition and I hope enough people read it and got down there to enjoy watching bunnies hop on the weekend. This is the kind of news I don’t mind reading at the moment.

  • katerina

    We haven’t bought or even seen a noisepaper for over 6 years here. Never watch the news or purchase those awful “womens mags” .

    • NOISEPAPER! That is awesome x

  • God yes. I haven’t watched the news in about 7 years. Only if I happen to walk into a room and it’s on or FAcebook tells me!! I actually see the world as pretty spectacular as a result. It’s made a HUGE difference.

    Social media just kills me. So much fakeness on it it makes me sick. I see so many people being called “influencers” who I know have cheated their way to the top or are just arseholes in real life. The Libran in me gets very upset by it. It takes a lot of effort for me to draw into myself and work in keeping my integrity no matter what others do.

    I do my best to follow only a few people I know like and trust and build a community with them. the rest I try to shut out as much as I can. I think so many people are getting fed up with it.

    • Do not even start me on the “influencers”

  • Sally Rose

    Only the ABC. the commercial station serve predigested garbage and social media? A marketing exercise.

    • Murdoch has a lot to answer for.

      • Sally Rose

        Yes indeed, he’s an old scumbag and I wonder what a smart bird like Jerry Hall saw in him. Grandfather appeal?

  • Yes, and I avoid it all costs. I stopped reading trashy magazines after Princess Diana died of paparazzis; I cannot bare to look at most news sites now. I’m even careful about news on the tv; it is all bad for my mental health. I try to make sure I’m up to date with important news, but not at the cost of filling my head with some greed driven concept of sensationalism as news.