Thoughts on Modern Media

For the sake of my mental health, I have had to stop watching the news. I have also had to dial back a LOT of my media consumption online. And I have to be feeling very brave to check into Twitter! Because there appears to be a lack of any good news at the moment.

It appears that the world has turned to shit and everyone is applauding.

Let us take a look at the biggest news website in Australia. Here is todays headlines.

Uplifting hey! And what’s going down at the gutter rag known as The Daily Mail.

And hey Mamamia… wassup?

Not as depressing as it could be. I was actually supposed to write an article about my thoughts on that show Yummy Mummies for a news outlet last night but I had to pull the pin as the whole show made me feel wretched.

I think the media in general has really starting to hit rock bottom. I cannot stand the fact that news-readers are now the news.

The news used to be on once an evening, but now there is a 24 hour news cycle which constantly needs feeding, but they don’t call it “news” anymore. It is called content. And the days of the great investigative journalist have thinned out, to be replaced with “content creators.” Content creators scour the inter webs, blatantly ripping off the work of others. Influencers are refusing to reveal that their content is being paid for. Currently there is a campaign being fronted by a well-known Australian online personality to raise awareness about a childhood virus. Which is all very well and good but most people would not be aware that this spokeswoman is being paid be one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, which produces the vaccine associated with preventing this disease.

The modern media, I think anyway, is fuelling the fear, that the world is turning to shit and we will all be doomed! Which is why I am dialling back from it all. Because there IS good stuff in the world and I would rather read about that. I am just having problems finding it.

What do you think of the modern media?

Does it make you feel wretched?