Cape Malay Chicken Curry

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It is quite often said about motherhood, that the days are long but the years are short, and it isn’t until I flick though photo albums that this really rings true.

In the blink of an eye!

When Horatio was a baby, there was nothing I would prefer to do than lie on the rug with him and play. I loved making him laugh. As he got more and more mobile, there was nothing that angered him more than an open door. He would shuffle over to it and SLAM!

It was very, very un-nerving.

He has grown up into a lovely young man, who provides me with challenges pretty much every day. Our relationship has shifted. He no longer thinks that I am all that and a bag of chips, as he works out who he is. He has become very independent, has a part time job and I can still make him roll his eyes like it is nobodies business.

Where I used to bend over to scoop him up, I now have to reach up into the clouds to hug him, which I am allowed to do as long as his mates are not around. I have had to really look at how we can remain connected.

On the weekend, we go on Family Walks and while Jack sprints ahead to do cartwheels, Horatio and I can always manage to have a really good yarn. We mainly talk about football, and that’s ok.

Sometimes I hear him and his mates from the other room talking about me.

“Your mum is so cool Woogie….” and he tells them all the nice things that I do for him. Our house is THAT house where all tend to congregate, I think because I have the best snack cupboard. Whatever. I am happy to have them all around.

We have a rule that he must tell me who is staying for dinner before 5pm. And then we eat and chat about the plays of the day, before I tell the lot of them that the cook doesn’t clean up in this joint.

The family meal is one of the most important times of the day. There are no screens at the table, the TV is off and banter is encouraged.

A new study commissioned by Steggles reveals how Australians like to spend quality time with their families. 74% of us think that family meals are the perfect time to spend quality time together. 73% of us want to make more time to spend together as a family. It is the little moments that count. Click here for Steggles findings.

Like when Jack does his nightly ballet concert for us. When I take Horatio to training, and hang around to watch it. When we all sit together to watch Masterchef. And our Sunday Night family get together dinner at my in-laws.

We recently had a fabulous family dinner at our neighbours joint, and Mrs. Goodman has kindly shared the recipe with you. Girlfriend can COOK!


8x Steggles skinless chicken thigh fillets

8x Steggles drumsticks

Vegetable oil for browning

4x large onions – sliced

4x medium potatoes – peeled and sliced in quarters

2x tbl sp chopped garlic

1x tbl sp curry powder

1x tbl sp garam masala

1x tbl sp ground ginger

1x tbl sp mixed herbs

1x tbl sp turmeric

1x tsp ground cumin

1tsp cinnamon

6x cardamom pods – cracked

1x bay leaf

1/2 tsp chilli powder – or more, if you like it HOT!

3x tbl sp white vinegar

2cups chicken stock

2x 400g tins of chopped tomatoes

1/2x cup apricot jam

1x tbl sp cornflour

1x cup of flour – for dusting the chicken

Salt and pepper


Shake up the chicken pieces in seasoned flour. I do it in a large zip lock bag.

Brown the chicken well. I use veggie oil, and set aside.

In the same pot, brown the sliced onions. When they start to caramelise – sprinkle in all the herbs, spices and curry powder.

Place the chicken back into the pot and stir through the onion mix. Throw in the tinned tomatoes, stock, vinegar and apricot jam.

When simmering, pop in the potatoes and continue to simmer uncovered for an hour. Keep an eye on the liquid and if it is cooking away too fast, pop in an extra cup of water.

20 mins before the end of the cooking time, stir 1 tbl sp of cornflour in a cup with some of the curry sauce and return to the pot to thicken the sauce. Also adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.

The curry is even better if left to mature overnight in the fridge. As they say in Africa, it lets the ‘flavours have a little conversation with each other!’ It can however, be served straight away on some steamed basmati rice. (In keeping with tradition, I make the rice yellow by adding an extra tbl sp of turmeric to the cooking water).

Each family has their own favourite sambals and chutneys that they serve as accompaniments to the curry. These are our favourites:

Tomato and onion Sambal:

3x finely chopped tomatoes

1x finely chopped small onion

A squeeze of lime juice, S &P and a sprinkle of chilli powder to taste

2x tbl sp chopped fresh coriander (optional)

Cucumber Raita:

1x cup of plain yoghurt

1x tsp chopped garlic

1x tsp cumin

1x finely chopped Lebanese cucumber

2x tbl sp chopped fresh mint

Banana and coconut Sambal:

3x sliced, ripe bananas

A large squeeze of lime juice

2x tbl sp desiccated coconut

We also serve it with fruit based chutney. An apricot or mango sweet chutney or pickle works well.

Thank you Mrs. Goodman and I can attest it is one of the tastiest dishes on the planet! And this is the perfect weather to enjoy it.

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