What is Nomophobia?

In a household FULL of iPhones (DO NOT GET YOUR KIDS A SMART PHONE REMEMBER) there is a daily hollering around the house of “Who has got the charger?” Now technically speaking, we should be in possession of four chargers, but due to peoples (points to self) tendency to leave them in hotel rooms, we are down to one.

That one up there. And every time you plug your phone into it, you risk your life! Ok, so not so much but there is a solid chance you will get yourself a small electric shock. Every day I think to myself “Really, I should replace that charger…” but then I forget about it as life gets in the way and this becomes a lower priority.

People can be funny when it comes to charging their phones. There are even phone chargers available at shopping centres now, which can ease your anxiety when your battery starts to flash. Yes, there is a new phobia in town!

Nomophobia is a real thing. Get it? NO MOBILE PHOBIA! In 2008, the UK Post Office commissioned a study and found that nearly 53% of mobile phone users in Britain get their tits in a tangle when they “lose their mobile phone, run out of battery or credit, or have no network coverage”.  I am not one of these people. I am frightened of heights and religious door knocking zealots. But not running out of charge.

Why, for fun sometimes I see how far I can push it. A bit like when your car is sitting on empty and beeps and flashes at you each time you drive it. “I’ll get one more trip out of it!” and nine times out of ten, I usually do. Same with the phone. Sometimes I will let it get down to one percent. I then like to take a screen shot of it and text it to this mate, which sends her into panic mode. But to be fair, she is an expert at productivity so it is kind of cruel of me.

But back to nomophobia. It is believed to be a trigger for anxiety and depression. And it is believed, ironically, that sufferers are the last likely to make or pick up voice calls! It is suggested that sufferers can be assisted by doing cognitive behavioural therapy. I shake my head at the world.

What about you?

Do you give a crap if your phone dies?


  • I have a portable phone charger, so nope, I don’t care if it dies because I can charge it. I do carry it with me if I’m out for the day – because the one time I really needed my phone the other year was when I was trapped by flooding and my phone died…

  • Wendy

    I bought a portable charger from Aldi for $7 so am now sweeeet!

    • But do you remember to charge the charger?

      • Wendy

        Am yet to use it – will let you know!

      • Wendy

        Time will tell 😍

      • Wendy

        So far it has been good – it charges quickly and can then charge on the go!

  • I am confessing now, in public, that the day before my cancer surgery my iphone played up & the fear of not having my phone in hospital was greater than the prospective 12 hours of surgery.
    I am admitting it might seem weird but the phone was to be my only link to family & friends…
    What to do? Luckily it turned the phone cover I had was cracked & let in miniscule amounts of moisture. Took that off & it was fine….. but still had to have a cover
    (I’m phobic about dropping it as its iphone 6plus. Rushed to local shops on eve of departure and had glass screen protector & wallet type cover put on.
    Packed in hospital bag were 2 chargers!
    I finally handed over the phone to B in the waiting bay for surgery and got it back a day later when 10% more alert. Funny story though, when B gave me back phone i saw 3 hours of a vid. Of. Nothing! It was when the cover closed & he’d put in his pocket!

    • Sorry but I had to laugh about the 3 hour video! Hope you are doing well xx

      • I am getting better every day & being home is just wonderful! They do say laughter is the best medicine too! Xx

  • Christina

    I actually look forward to my phone going flat…or sometimes I just leave it in my handbag hanging on a chair so I can’t hear it vibrating….it’s a real thing!

  • Heidi D

    The only reason I get worried about having low battery or no credit on my phone is because my health is very dodgy & I like to know I could get help when we are out if I needed to. I also worry that if I have an emergeny hospital admission & it’s not ready to go I am cut off from home. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be as concerned. I really don’t need to chat to people on my mobile I would prefer a message. What a change from when I was a teen on the old home phone chatting for hours as mum shouted at me to get off !

    • Me too! There were 5 kids at home. Drove the oldies mental.

  • Donna

    I can go hours and hours without even knowing where my phone is. I’d like to say days but without a landline and with kids I do feel some sense of obligation.

    Also had two days away with kids on hols doing activities and never took one photo. Might be a record in this day and age.

    • We don’t have a landline either, hence the phones. x

  • Angela

    I quite like when phone dies to I get round to going upstairs to charge. Can be a good excuse. Our biggest problem is fighting over who’s chargers are whose, and what charger fits what device. Daily rows . Hence I am Samsung and they can fight over all their different apple chargers. No one steals mine.

  • Louise


  • Sally Rose

    I must be the last person in the world, who doesn’t have her own mobile. The iPad now, I feel anxious if I don’t have it and it is functioning.

  • Tracey

    I try not to let it die but it’s certainly not the end of the world if it does.

  • Oh I just cannot let my phone die. If I leave home with less than at least 80-90% then I worry about all kinds of hypothetical emergencies in which people can’t get through to me or I can’t get through to them. When on any other ordinary day nobody calls and we all just talk shit on social media. BUT STILL. THAT MIGHT BE THE DAY SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS.

  • Mine’s always charged now because I plug it in when I set my alarm every night. But Mrs W., you are absolutely correct about chargers being left in hotel rooms. Hotels must have buckets and buckets of them!