What is Nomophobia?

In a household FULL of iPhones (DO NOT GET YOUR KIDS A SMART PHONE REMEMBER) there is a daily hollering around the house of “Who has got the charger?” Now technically speaking, we should be in possession of four chargers, but due to peoples (points to self) tendency to leave them in hotel rooms, we are down to one.

That one up there. And every time you plug your phone into it, you risk your life! Ok, so not so much but there is a solid chance you will get yourself a small electric shock. Every day I think to myself “Really, I should replace that charger…” but then I forget about it as life gets in the way and this becomes a lower priority.

People can be funny when it comes to charging their phones. There are even phone chargers available at shopping centres now, which can ease your anxiety when your battery starts to flash. Yes, there is a new phobia in town!

Nomophobia is a real thing. Get it? NO MOBILE PHOBIA! In 2008, the UK Post Office commissioned a study and found that nearly 53% of mobile phone users in Britain get their tits in a tangle when they “lose their mobile phone, run out of battery or credit, or have no network coverage”. ¬†I am not one of these people. I am frightened of heights and religious door knocking zealots. But not running out of charge.

Why, for fun sometimes I see how far I can push it. A bit like when your car is sitting on empty and beeps and flashes at you each time you drive it. “I’ll get one more trip out of it!” and nine times out of ten, I usually do. Same with the phone. Sometimes I will let it get down to one percent. I then like to take a screen shot of it and text it to this mate, which sends her into panic mode. But to be fair, she is an expert at productivity so it is kind of cruel of me.

But back to nomophobia. It is believed to be a trigger for anxiety and depression. And it is believed, ironically, that sufferers are the last likely to make or pick up voice calls! It is suggested that sufferers can be assisted by doing cognitive behavioural therapy. I shake my head at the world.

What about you?

Do you give a crap if your phone dies?