How to bond with your sports mad son + a very cool giveaway!

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One of my fondest childhood memories was going to the footy with my Nanna and my Pa. They were MAD Parramatta supporters and even moved to the suburb so they could walk to the matches. I was also a mad footy fan, but my team was the Western Sydney Magpies.

I thought Terry Lamb was the ant’s pants and I wanted to be Tommy Redonikis when I grew up. My mum even got me my own jersey for my eighth birthday. These were the days when the players had full time jobs, worked in trades and could quite often be seen puffing on a Winnie Red after the game.

But then I grew up and began to idolize other characters, those mainly being Nik Kershaw and George Michael, who I was convinced would marry me at some point.

And then I had Horatio. Horatio became footy obsessed as soon as it is humanly possible. His choice of team was, still is and shall always be The Roosters.

Horatio circa 2014

I have to admit that one of the nicest things Horatio and I do together is either try and get to a game, or at the very least watch it on the television. He reminds me of me, as I used to sit, sometimes with a cushion on my head because the excitement/anxiety/suspense that would go racing around my body. So I guess that makes me a Roosters fan, by-proxy.

As he gets older, I am finding it harder to connect with him, so footy has helped bring us together. “Watching the game with me Mum?” and I always say yes. Why, I have actually even turned into somewhat of an umpire!

“Oh that was forward!”

Horatio has a part time job at the local fruit and veg shop and is responsible for selecting his boss’s footy tips, as this particular group of shopkeepers has been running a tipping comp for years.

So it is fairly safe to say that he is a little Rooster obsessed. This is our actual Foxtel Remote.

When you think about it, it is we Mums that ferry our kids around to practice, training and watching the games. It is we Mums who are standing behind the sausage sizzle on freezing Saturday mornings serving up sausage sangers to hungry players and IT IS US MUMS WHO ARE WASHING THE JERSEYS!

Are we the unsung heroes? The truth is without the support we ladies provide behind the scenes; well you would have to wonder how things would run, wouldn’t you?

Steggles are honoring the women behind the players. They also know the important roles that women play when it comes to Rugby League

I just love this message from Jeanette Evans, a strong woman if ever I saw one!

To celebrate women in league round, Steggles replaced their logo on the front of their jerseys with the name of the woman who has played the most significant role in that player’s life. Some players chose to honour their mother, some their grandmother, and others their wife or partner.

And if YOU are a Roosters fan, or know another woman who is, Steggles are giving you the chance to win one of ten, specially designed, custom made jerseys!


Just head on over to HERE to enter, make sure you do it before the 29th of July. You just simply have to tell nominate the most important female in your life.

Any Roosters fans around here?

Who did you used to barrack for when you were a kid?