Life is short. Smile while you still have your teeth.

There is something in the air. I am not sure whether the planets are out or retrograde is doing its think, but there is a sniff of perpetual outrage happening!

It has been coming for some time, but today I am going to call out some bullshit behaviour.

A lot of people tell me ” Oh I could never do your job. I don’t know how you do it…” and I look at them and say the same thing back. Mainly because they are a doctor, or an architect. Or perhaps they work at a call centre and I loathe talking on the phone. Doing what I do, which is telling stories and building communities, well you actually do not need any qualifications to do it. But I turn up for work every day and it is who I am and I love it.

But it is not without its days where I would just rather pull up the doona over my head and shut out all the noise.

Recently I put a photo up of a takeaway coffee that my beloved delivered to me in bed. This caused a flurry of perpetually outraged responses. Turns out that a takeaway cup is a trigger to some, who let me know how “disappointed” they were in me. I was not a friend to this earth. I shared a photo of some new “fake” tupperware I had to purchase because Jack had been using the existing stuff to make slime and I was concerned about putting food into borax infused plastic.

What I didn’t know that July has been nominated as NO PLASTIC JULY and boy, don’t I know about that now!

It is almost to the point that your damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t.

I am pretty sure there are toxic ingredients in my shampoo because I am a tight ass when it comes to shampoo.

I try to remember to take my pods in to recycle but sometimes I forget.

The active-wear pants I am wearing were made in China and I bought them at K-Mart.

Sometimes, I go on a holiday.

My tampons contain bleach which I suspect is doing no favours for my lady garden.

I am not sure if my fruit and veggies are organic and I am not that fussed to be honest.

I will not judge you if you are a SAHM, a WAHM or whatever the latest stupid acronym made up to compartmentalise women.

I will call you out if you write a bullshit comment on my Facebook Page.

I am not perfect and guess what? You are not perfect either. Isn’t that a glorious relief? When someone comments on my page that I am looking old and haggard, I can sometimes look in the mirror and agree. Maybe I am not getting enough sleep? Is it because I have chosen not to use botox? My greys are coming in as fast as Trump fires his staff!

Old mate that left that Fing bsht comment up there, well she was out to get me. To rattle me and to hurt me. I don’t know her but I clicked through to her profile to find a perfectly pleasant looking smiling woman with her gorgeous kids. Just like me, she is a real person. And she is no longer happy with my “performance”. We went onto have a reasonable exchange which she later asked me to delete.

The irony is that I am just like her, doing my best to get through to day, but I try to bring a smile to people when I can. It was Mark Train who said, “The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up.”

Thats the thing. An exchange, even it is isn’t pleasant, is a learning exercise. I am always encouraging thoughtful discussion and debates. Some people like sugar in their tea, while some prefer green tea. Some people like their tea strong while others prefer it to be weak as piss. It is tea. It is there for you, anyway you take it. And if you don’t like tea, there is always coffee. Even if it is in a takeaway cup. (ducks for cover).

Do you think we all need to take a chill pill?



  • YES, everyone needs to calm the hell down and get a real problem! The people who keep on hating are probably related to those people who used to burn women at the stake for being witches because they hated them, were jealous or just had cold cold hearts. 99% of the time I believe it’s jealously or insecurity that causes women to be nasty to each other. And I can say that because I am ageing I am getting wiser and realising I used to be a bit of a cow when I was younger. Now I spread the love as far and wide as I can and at every chance I get try to build up other women I come into contact with. It makes me feel good. Rant over. Much love x

    • Agree 100% with you. I have also evolved xx

  • Antoinette

    I think loads of people could do with chill pills and “Mind-your-own-business” pills. I can’t stand the judgmental attitude of people and how they all react to other people’s posts. I always try to remember: There for the grace of God go I. That said, I’m certainly not perfect at all! But I try!

    • MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS PILLS! You are a freaking genius xx

  • Liz

    I had no idea it was plastic free July! So glad today is the last day of July as it looks like I got away without being busted! Love this post Mrs Woog, you are part of the group of bloggers that I follow that help guide me though this yucky negative internet world. So I raise a toast to you, Nikki from styling you, the Champagne Cartel girls, and all the other wonderful women and men out there who are making the world better.

    • Thank you Liz! Thank goodness the good far outweighs the bad x

  • Is there any day or week or month that isnt devoted to “some bloody thing or another”.. I am smiling WITHOUT teeth because I am alive, cancer is gorn & I have a loving family & group of mostly (on-line) friends who love me & care about me.
    As I do about YOU! A more giving and sharing human who has kept herself true to herself on-line & off I am yet to meet!
    Much love, from a dull day on the Cenny Coast to you my friend!

    • Thanks darling. I hope you are on the mend xx

  • Heidi D

    I am constantly amazed how worked up people can get over things that, in the big picture, are not that important or more to the point are, quite frequently, none of their business.

    • With so many things to be concerned about, my coffee should not be on the list xx

  • Bee

    Some people believe their opinions are more important than others. Really they just need to get on with it. Be part of the gang rather than stand on the side being opinionated. They need to grow up.

  • Mellou

    I think when people follow bloggers like yourself they start to feel like they know you personally and somehow that gives them the permission to be ‘unhappy’ with you. Just like in life there are somethings you agree on and some you don’t and that’s perfectly ok. Read something you don’t agree with? Scroll on by. If it’s something you are really offended by, unfollow. Easy. No need to be an arse hat about it.

    • Wow! Thanks so much for your comment. It really made me think and I agree with you. xx

  • Absolutely people – generally – need to take a chill pill! I’m seeing it all over social media – well, mainly Facebook, since that’s where I am… And the consummate lack of manners that’s just everywhere, not to mention the violent, abusive garbage on some threads. I know – don’t read the comments, but seriously, why do people even bother to make comments in the first place if all they’re going to do is be rude and abusive? They have no lives to get on with, or something?
    I had no idea it was plastic free July. Dry July I knew about because a friend was doing it and kept peppering her wall with requests for sponsorship. Plastic free, not so much. And a good thing too, because I’d have been SO busted. I’m just relieved that my blog still flies beneath the radar as much as it does, especially since I’ve started writing much more about having RA and what that means for me day to day – because I’m sure I’d have all the Big Pharma conspirators on my case if it was more widely known…given I’m on some serious medications these days – but you know, I have a vested interest in being able to maintain my independence, and WALK…so they’d be getting short shrift from me!
    Much love to you, Mrs Woog. I don’t use a keep cup because I never remember to take it with me – the stepchild and his girlfriend bought me one…but, brain fog…thanks to the meds. But I need the coffee, and usually have it out because it ensures I GET out…and sometimes, if I have places to be, or need to drive someplace early-ish, it’ll be in a takeaway cup. So shoot me! If you’ve been shot down, at least I’ll be in jolly good company!

  • Amy Allen

    Your husband brought you coffee in bed!!!! F the cup I’d just rant because I’m jealous. But I wouldn’t rant at you😉 ( I wanted coffee in bed for my birthday but son and husband would not brave figuring out the coffee maker.)still jealous

    • He does it every weekend hence why I keep him xx

  • Oh, gosh. So much outrage. I am convinced that very few of us are perfect and could stand up in a court of law and say that we are 100% saving the environment or 100% ethical in everything we purchase/experience. Truth is, a lot of us could learn more (I am frightfully ignorant) but shaming people is not the way to go about it! How about we write our own blog posts about how awesome it is to not use plastic or to try to not use takeaway coffee cups? Instead of jumping on someone else’s bandwagon and disparaging them? Each to their own! Live and let live! You just keep doing you, Mrs W!

    • Thanks beautiful Kez. Always so supportive xx

  • Lisa Clark

    Take pill and wash it done with a glass of clean skin that’s what I say. The fact I’m flat out finding clean undies means I’m never going to remember my proper travel mug from home. I’m still hyperventilating about no shopping bags. How is that going to work-I’m the lady with no clean undies for crying out loud. Breathe, breathe, breathe ……….

    • Oh Lisa. Isn’t it hard sometimes. BUY MORE UNDIES WOMAN xxx

  • Lisa

    I am in no way, shape or form religious but “let he who has not sinned cast the first stone”. Please don’t berate me if I have got the quote wrong !

  • Dad of Mrs Woog

    My advice to you is to keep “challenging sacred cows” and stimulating your many readers’ minds. Conventional wisdom dictates that you will upset a few. Some (but not all) persons who attack you venomously in this process are oxygen thieves who possibly have not achieved a small percentage what you have. Go get ’em. I don’t know about taking a Chill Pill. At my age I am taking enough pills already.

  • Natalie Peck

    I’ll take the chill pill – but only if it’s organic and ethically sourced 😜

    • And wrapped in recycled toilet paper!

  • I am so far from perfect and I would think that the world would be a very boring place if we all were. But it would be nice if the judgey mcjudgerson’s kept their opinions to themselves. Don’t change you are you and that is what we love about you most.

  • Sally Rose

    Yes, we all need the chill pill. Some people need to be reminded that manners don’t cost anything.