Is it just a Sydney thing?

The other day Mr. Woog and I were walking through a park when our paths crossed with an elderly gentleman. You know the kind, got the long pants on with shiny shoes. He had a buttoned down shirt with a woollen tie. Over that he had a v-necked vest on and over THAT he had a tweed sports coat. He was quite tall and wore a tweed hat, like this one….

As we drew closer to each other, as I usually do I called out a chipper “Good morning!” and he looked at me and smiled BEFORE HE TIPPED HIS ADORABLE HAT TO ME AND SAID “TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU TOO!” Well gosh darn it, it just about made my day!

We kept on walking and I spoke to Mr. Woog about how it is the little things that make me happy. I also told him that when I walk Isobel every day (I call that my small white dog therapy.) I always say good morning, what a lovely day or good afternoon to people whose path I cross. And the reactions are very mixed.

They can range from giving me a pained, tight smile, respond with kindness and enthusiasm, but mainly they startle, look frightened as if I am about to mug them, and scurry away. But this just isn’t in my hood, I think it is Sydney wide! I get that some people might have had a terrible day and the thought of speaking to a deranged lady with a manly haircut dragging along a fluffy dog with really fucked up teeth, isn’t high on their agenda, but surely this is not applicable to everyone?

For example, when I travel to Queensland for either work or fun, as SOON as I get my bags and head to the taxi rank I know that I am in for a treat for I have never met a Queensland Cabbie that was not a complete delight! So laid back and knowledgable and happy and cheerful! Sydney cabbies (generally speaking) are rude assholes.

Mr Woog told me that sometimes when he goes mountain bike riding at a well established track in Sydney, someone might stack it and he is amazed when no one stops (when it is he who has stacked). Or if he does catch someones eye while riding (bike people are a special breed I think) to have a bit of bike chatting, it gets shut down real quick. And what is with the stony faces sitting in the perpetually shit traffic that under no circumstances will allow you to merge into their lane. Even when you are motioning a cheery LOOK AT ME AND LET ME IN AND I WILL REWARD YOU WITH  SMILE AND A GRATEFUL WAVE!

Not to mention you tend to tear up a fifty dollar bill every time you leave the house and you have to leave the house an hour early to deal with traffic and allow yourself twenty-five minutes to drive around cavernous, black┬ácar parks trying to find a spot and then shell out a mortgage payment for the privilege. And don’t get me started on the cost of parking at Balmoral! Did you know it is cheaper to park in the back streets of Mosman and catch an Uber to the beach? I shit you not.

So come on, people of Sydney! Let’s band together and be less assholey to each other! I am going to try harder.

I cannot think of an answer apart from having the City of Sydney infuse our drinking water with vitamin D. Or LSD. Or something…..

And it turns out she was a cranky Sydney Sider after all…..

Where do you live?

What is it like?