Are you a pet person?

I was a pretty lucky kid growing up. I had your traditional upbringing with a Mum and a Dad and a brother and a sister. We lived in a cul-de-sak. But when I was in year one my parents got divorced and we became latch-key kids as Mum started up her own successful business and worked her butt off.

But there was one constant in this time of transition. Sam the labrador.

Sam had been in our family since I could remember. It was during the time when dogs wandered the streets and rooted each other with gay abandon resulting in some very unusual results.

I give you the corgi-german shepherd cross!

Sam, being a labrador, had a ferocious appetite. Back in the 70’s, a lot of people had a daily bread and milk delivery and if someone accidentally left the gate open, Sam would go for a bit of an adventure and go and collect all of the neighbours bread. We would discover a dozen loaves on the back door and have to scoop them up and walk the streets trying to find their rightful owners. Sam had a sister, of the feline persuasion. My dad had found a one day old kitten at the racecourse where he worked, lying alongside it’s dead sibling. As we were a family of animal tragics, he bought it home. Mum, who was a nurse, then devoted her time to pull the kitten out of the shadows of death by feeding it hourly with an eye dropper.

The kitten was pure white, so we called her Kimba after KIMBA THE WHITE LION.

When my Mum later married my Step Dad, we came as a package deal. My step dad was widowed with a daughter who wouldn’t say boo to a goose. They had a big house with no pets and in we bowled. Three kids, a feisty Mother, a dog, a cat and two horses. We all saved each other in a way.

Kimba and Sam grew older and older. Kimba ended up having both of her ears cut off due to skin cancer and one day Sam just couldn’t stand up. Losing your pets is a huge big deal. Your childhood pets will always stay with you, don’t you think?

Our first Woog family cat Wilson was a rescue who was with us for only two years before we discovered he had terminal cancer. I then vowed NEVER to get another pet because of the pain you feel when you lose them. But then Mum turned up with a small black kitten. That was nine years ago, and since then Isobel Barbara has joined us and I would not have it any other way. All I need is a tiny goat and I think my menagerie would be complete.

Are you a cat or a dog person?

How many animals do you have?


  • You’ve met my two Siamese girls – but I’ll post another photo of them – cos I can, LOL! They’re my third and fourth Siamese cats, but the first time I’ve had a pair – and we have a completely demented household as a consequence! We’d reached the empty nest stage and Dragon Dad was really suffering through that period of adjustment that comes when the young leave the nest, so while we got the first of the girls for me (he was commuting to Melbourne a lot and I was on my own), by the time it became clear that we needed to get a second one (Callie pines dreadfully if I go away…) he’d transferred his need to have something to look after to them, and is closely bonded with the younger one now.
    I grew up with dogs and cats – the big ginger cat that was there all through my childhood who’d been grandly named Christopher Robin but answered to Puss…and Fred, the female grey Persian who spent the first two weeks with us parked under my bed, terrified at the change that had happened in her life… Then my first very own kitten – a black one because Mum wouldn’t let me have a Siamese – called Jennie after Paul Gallico’s book of the same name, who, I swear, had a goodly stack of Siamese in her… I got my first Siamese, Zoe, after leaving home. Sara came after her. There were various free lease horses at lucky points in my life… And my beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback, Baron – I’d have another of those in a heartbeat…

  • ClareD

    This year has been a shocker for me with regards to pets – my cat went missing in February and turned up 8 weeks later barely alive. The vet said she was just too sick, so we did the kindest thing we could for her. Then in June our 9 year old Great Dane became suddenly unwell and was found to be riddled with cancer. So we had to do the same for her. I still cry when I think about them. My kids are 5 and 3 and it’s been hard on them, but they understand lifetimes and death and grief now. My eldest has asked for another cat every day since our cat went missing, so two weeks ago we went to the pound and bought home a flu-ravaged bag of bones, who after a few good meals and a course of antibiotics has turned into a smoochie, lovely member of our family.

    • I am so sorry to heat of your horrible year! Must have been heartbreaking. Treasure your new rescue xx

  • Heidi D

    This is Pepi. He was a corgi/kelpie cross. He was my 2nd childhood dog. The first was a small black & white puppy called peanut that managed to slip out the door between someones legs & run into the path of a car after
    we had only had him a short time 😢. Pepi came home from work with my Dad after a guy at work said he was moving, couldn’t take him & was getting him put down. Dad rang Mum & she said bring him home.
    We live in a shoebox granny flat with a badly fenced garden so no pets right now although I would love a dog

    • I have a huge fear of Isobel getting out and being run over. She has zero road sense. xx

  • Waaay too many. 5 dogs. 2 GSDs 2 cairn terriers and a kelpie. I Used to have some gorgeous cats til the german shepherd decided he hated them and natural attrition. 4 milk cows that are more pets than livestock and about 30 chooks!

    • Sounds like heaven to me! (Apart from the poor pussy cats!)

  • Bee

    2 black & white dogs & 2 ginger cats. Busy house at feeding time. I’m more a cat person but we love them all. x

  • Mrs P

    We are certainly pet people with two dogs and 10 chooks. I’d have more pets if I didn’t have three two legged pets who constantly require feeding and taxing around.

  • Definitely a pet person over here! I just cannot relate to people who don’t like animals. I am more of a dog person than a cat person but I do get a good cat fix at my mum’s house (husband is allergic). I grew up with countless cats (not all at once – we weren’t THOSE people but my mum might be if given half a chance), dogs, chickens and even geese on 5 acres. I think we learned a lot from having so many animals around us. Good life lessons on love and loss and all of that x

  • I too love our furry humans and wish we could have (and rescue) all the dogs. Our lab, Rio (named after the city where we got engaged) is now 9 and slowing down which makes me sad. But she still has that puppy playfulness too.

  • Always had cats. Our family cat Winnie I got when I was 12 and she lived for 19 years! Longer than marriage. With more space i would rescue some greyhounds and have a chook empire.

  • Dogs and cats and chickens. My sister has a half Staffy,half sausage dog. It is the ugliest (but adorable) dog ever. Reminds me of that German Shepherd/Corgi which is quite hilarious looking.

  • Dibley Dog who you have met. She could very possibly be the most well loved spoiled dog in the world – hyperbole? Possibly. Lol and 2 Doz odd fish and when I say ODD I mean odd. One has a great big lump on it’s head and my darling Grandie boy calls it cancer head…yeh we laugh about cancer in this place. I scoop ’em out and take ’em to the fish whisperer if I think they are poorly. Fella must think I am some sort of nut case. Ho Hum

  • mummamoo

    Three dogs, a spare dog who isn’t ours but has decided to live here anyway, and a cat.
    Missy (kelpie) was bought to be sheep wrangler extraordinaire. But much prefers smooching and couch time. Bonny (kelpie/koolie) was to be incentive for Missy to wrangle sheep, but prefers napping. Billy (kelpie, Missy’s son) was not meant to stay, was supposed to go like the other 6 puppies to new homes, but we are suckers and he is sweet. May possibly turn out to be a great sheep wrangler. Spare Dog (Tyson, Missy’s baby-daddy) ran the 5km from town to knock Missy up while we were away for a weekend. Turns out he hates his town family and really likes being a farm dog. Is best sheep wrangler out of all of them!
    Puss came to live with us to solve the mouse plague of 2015. She is doing great at it. Also great at peeing on clean washing if it’s left too long before being put away

  • Yes! I am so an animal person, and all I want in life is a dog, but its hard when you rent. I grew up with dogs, my first dog was an Aussie Silky when I was around 4 who I named Billy. Then an Aussie Silky x named Prince. All the while my parents would often have a dog too. My main dog-love of my life was Frodo, who pretty much saved my life. I honestly don’t think i’d be here if it wasn’t for him. I also had a teeny little b*tch of a dog who I loved dearly, but thought of my ex as the best thing ever, so she stayed with him when we split. Since Frodo passed away a few years ago, I’ve been dogless and I hate it. I have filled some of that whole with cats. First Tonka, who sadly passed away 3 months ago at 6 from kidney failure. My days are now shared with Louis and Ripley, both adopted years apart from the same rescue agency and turns out same foster home. My main dream is to own a house so I can have a dog, or many, but until then, I spend time helping at dog shows for a dog breed I’d hope to own one day.

  • Tracey

    One cat and one dog. The cat tests my patience on a daily basis and the dog was sent to us from heaven, such a good boy. We always had a dog when I was growing up but I’d never had a cat of my own until a few years ago. I’m still more of a dog person.