My gay friends do not have the same rights as me and I am not cool with that.

Malcolm Turnbull became the first sitting Prime Minister to Attend Mardi Gras in 2016

From the week beginning September 12, you can expect a ballot in your mailbox. This is for us to let the government know whether we support marriage equality for all Australians. We will have until November 7 to complete our vote, which is not compulsory.

This was announced today. This is because a bill for a compulsory plebiscite is expected to be blocked by the Senate this week.

So Australian same-sex couples are going overseas to get hitched, but here’s the kicker. Australian laws currently mean that if things go south (and they do because Marriage is HARD WORK) they are unable to get divorced and the United Nations deems this to be a violation of human rights.

If the plebiscite result was in favour of same-sex marriage, Coalition MPs would have a conscience vote on a private members’ bill. This, despite the polls showing that two thirds of us support marriage equality.

It was journalist Lane Saintly’s flow chart that can help you make more sense of the situation. It sure helped me.

Which I supposed brings me to my point of WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT? This whole circus going to cost us, the taxpayers, $122 million dollars. Now of course Labor is getting their tits in a tangle and releasing some interesting facts of their own, such as what $122 million dollars could be spent on instead.

Which of course is where we should be spending the money, but you have to ask why Labor didn’t do this years ago when it was in power. As a result of years of using marriage equality as a political pawn, and dodgy egotistical driven back room meetings making shady deals with the conservative parties, it has come down to this. It makes me irritable and makes me want to let myself off the chain and scream JUST FUCKING DO IT ALREADY YOU CRUEL ASSHOLES.

Of course there is an even uglier side to this debate. There are approximately 35 thousand same-sex families in Australia and we are telling them that they do not deserve the same rights as the rest of us do. Dangerous propaganda has already emerged today as a result of the Governments actions.

This started doing the rounds again today, authorised by a former Liberal Party MP Chris Miles.

Which is such bullshit. I am lucky enough to be included in the lives of many same-sex couples and their families. Nobodies sexuality can determine their worth as a parent, a friend, a partner or as a person.

I know it might seem to you that I have been banging on about this for years and that is because I HAVE been banging on about it for years. And it is frustrating and infuriating and I just want to bang my head against a brick wall. I have written thousands of words (read some here) and have walked thousands of steps in peaceful protest about this basic human right for a person to formalise their love, if that indeed is what they want to do.

And I gotta tell you, it is getting really tiring.

So what can we do about it? First of all make sure you are enrolled correctly at the Australian Electoral Commission. CLICK HERE

Click HERE and whack in your postcode to find out your MPs stance on Marriage Equality. Send them a little note. Don’t forget, they work for us, not the other way around.

Finally, know that eventually this is going to happen. And then we can look back at this period of history with great shame.

Do you think it is time?