Is it just me?

I get it. We are all super busy. Whether you are running kids around to sports practices and orthodontists appointments, working, either paid or unpaid or just basking in the general hectic pace that is modern life, “How are you?”


I try my very best to make the most of the non-busy time where I can down tools for a bit and just be.


There is a problem with this and I want to know is it just me that this happens to.

I can be busy and everyone leaves me alone. The moment that I think, oh, I might go to the toilet, there is an invisible radar that goes off in my joint that lets everyone know that I am about to visit the latrine. And as soon as my ass hits the porcelain the door flings open and in they file.

“Have you seen my red socks?”

“What are we having for dinner?”

“Did you put that invoice in yet?”

“Meow meow meow”

“Yap yap yap!”

I shit you not there have been times where everyone has been in the bathroom while I try to take a piss and I am all like “GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!”

Another example where my privacy has been completely invaded happened last Sunday morning. I thought I would treat myself to a whoo whoo meditation (I use Headspace if you are wondering) because it helps me slow down my mind. Having informed the lads that I was going into the bedroom to do a meditation and I needed not to be interrupted for twenty minutes, I thought the message had been received.

I lay on my bed and started my guided meditation and just as I started to elevate from my stance, Jack popped his head in to say “Have a great meditation Mum!” is his cheery voice. I snapped back into reality. “Stop thinking!” I told myself before regaining my zen like state.

A few minutes later, the smoke alarm began to beep, trying to tell us that its’ battery was low and we were in danger of dying in flames should we ever leave our iron on. Which is unlikely because it it only ever used once a year when it is school photo day. The smoke alarm is situated right outside our bedroom door.

beep beep beep beep

I tried to ignore it breathe breathe breathe. Count to five, count to seven…..

I heard a conversation between Mr Woog and Horatio before I listened to the sound of the ladder being dragged into the hallway.

beep beep beep beep beep

breathe breathe breathe. Count to five, count to seven…..

Clang. “Dad, give me the screwdriver……”

Sound of a boy falling from the ladder…..

I was twelve minutes into my attempt to relax when I threw in the towel. But you want to know something? If I hadn’t attempted to take a time out, I am quite convinced that none of the above would have happened.

Is this the case at your joint?

Sit down quietly with a cup of tea at the exact time that everyone needs you?

Tell me about it!