A blog about nothing

I woke up this morning and for the first time in a long time, I did not need to reach for my slippers and my dressing gown! Winter? BYE BYE FELICIA! Which is a good thing for me as I loathe the cold weather and find it quite depressing when grey skies hang around for days after days.

I have a life lesson that I adhere to and I think you should too. You need to have ONE THING that you look forward to each and every day. It can be small, like lying in the sun with a cup of tea and your book for an hour, or maybe you could treat yourself to a massage. For me, I am going to see Jerry Seinfeld live tonight! Me and two of my darling girlfriends are very committed to going to see live stand up comedy and I just about cannot bloody wait.

(Still have not forgiven Amy Schumer for cancelling her show last year.)

I kind of think of this blog a bit like Seinfeld. It is a blog about nothing. When people ask what I blog about, I find it really hard to answer. It’s a blog about nothing. I think that is why I loved Seinfeld the show so much, that it could dissect the mundane and spin it out into an entire show, essentially about nothing.

For some reason, Elaine Benes had a direct affect on how my life turned out. She was the reason that I got into publishing. I wanted to work with her at Pendant Publishing with Mr. Pittman. And who can ever forget….

So I DID get into publishing and worked in the industry for a decade. Then Jack came along and was diagnosed with his severe hearing loss so I resigned and spent my days going to appointments and speech therapy. Then I got a little stir crazy, watched the movie Julie and Julia, and thought, I could start a blog!

Isn’t it amazing how bizarre decisions based on fictional characters from the 90’s can shape ones life?

I decided to blog every day for a year for no other reason than to have something for myself. And that was eight years ago! 2330 stories later and I am still turning up, sharing my stupid shit and still loving what I get to do for a job. And that is because of you and I do not thank you enough.

So what are you looking forward to?