Five Tried and True Mood Busters

In a time where we are all so connected, it is very easy to feel completely disconnected, don’t you think? There is so much noise everywhere you turn, telling you this and that. Telling you that you are shit or that you are fabulous. And with all the hideous things going on in the world, it is easy to be sucked into a gloom vortex.

But the good news is that you can choose to wallow, or you can choose to move forward. Today I am happy to share with you five of my Mood Busters. I was going to call them WOOG busters, but I thought that joke might call as flat as my bank account.

Get up, get dressed and get out!

Now this is going to be the case for most of you who work outside the home, but for those who do work at home, being paid or otherwise, get up, get dressed and get out! Now if I don’t have a meeting or an appointment to go to, and have a big old empty day, apart from writing, I always do a little “White Dog Therapy” and walk Isobel. I usually listen to Wendy Harmer on the ABC as I get my huffy on and my vitamin D hit all at once. This morning I met with my mates at a cafe and I totally ate this…

That thing that looks like fried chicken is actually a delicious hash brown! Nobody is going to have a bad day after that….

Don’t be a slob!

People are always commenting on my tidy house. It is usually today because mess makes me moody. There are certainly levels of chaos that I can ignore but as soon as I finish this blog post I am going to conquer this situation which has gotten a bit out of hand…

Make your bed in the morning as soon as you get out of it. Studies show that it gives you a positive state of mind to start the day with. Take ten minutes to run around the house, plump up your cushions, chuck a load in the machine, put the dishy on and make yourself a well-earned cuppa. The other tip I can give you is DO NOT BUY SHIT YOU DO NOT NEED! You actually don’t need much stuff at all and stuff can make you unhappy. If you are not wearing it, you feel guilty about it. I SWEAR by the rule that if something comes into the house, two things need to leave.

We have two sets of towels and each bed has two sets of sheets. If you have heaps of shit and clutter lying around, that means you have more shit and clutter to clean or put away.

Invest in those who invest in you!

We have all been there right? Had that mate who was a total time suck. That only ever called you when they needed something or wanted something from you. You find yourself on the one way friendship highway with no end in sight. All they are doing is adding to the noise and we need less noise. I am very picky when it comes to friendships and who I spend my time with as I tend to take on people’s energies very easily. So do a little audit of your mates and clear out to make room for the new, better ones. Drama Llamas need not apply!

Turn off the idiot box!

Let’s be honest here. There is hardly anything good to watch. The news is depressing unless they throw a baby panda story in at the end. Commercials are full of stupid, smiling perfect mums wiping down kitchen benches with paper towel and reality televisions will rot your brain. Rediscover your music collection. I love to pump up Run DMC as loud as it can be and do a little concert for myself in the lounge room. I even thank the imaginary crowd at the end! Bopping along to some cool tunes is good for your mood.

And as Elle Woods says “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

And finally, the biggy.

Turn your fucking phone off!

Everywhere you go, people are on their phones. Not making calls mind you, not actually really connecting with someone. But snapping and sharing and reading and shit. Now, you may call me a hypocrite here because it is actually what I do for a living, but I have been doing it for nearly a decade and I can recognise the signs when I am over-dosing on social media. Which is why I don’t blog on the weekends and why I read a book instead.

Being permanently connected on social media can leave you feeling very lonely despite having lots of “friends”. FOMO can become a real thing. People who spend too much time on social media can blur the boundaries between personal and private moments. Your life can feel like a reality tv show. It also can make you feel shit about yourself and your own life.

“Who do you think you are? Oprah?”

Oh I wish! Nope. I am just like you. Watching on in horror as the world seems to be imploding with stupid people making important decisions, watching the homeless situation getting worse and pondering on the unfairness of it all until I find myself rocking in the corning clutching a bottle of scotch. I can choose to do that, or I can choose to get on with it. And these are some of the ways that help me.

What about you?

What do you do when the pessimism bug bites?