The Social Media Flounce Off!

In a recent national survey, a very worrying fact was revealed. We spend approximately six hours a week socialising with family and friends but a whopping 46 hours entrenched in social media. Even more reasons to clutch your pearls is that 54% of us spend between five to ten hours on social media every single day!

Do you think that there is something wrong with that picture?

I have recently done a self monitoring audit of my time that I spend behind the screen. It is probably a bit more tricky for me because my business is quasi-dependant on social media but a few months ago I felt that I was getting sucked into a digital vortex and realised while I was busy being social online, I was not being social in real life. And that, my friends, is not good.

In an industry where you can exercise and diet like a maniac to become bikini perfect, take a snap of yourself on Instagram, filter the fuck out of it, purchase some followers and BAM! You have got yourself a business. This model is EVERYWHERE!

But Buzzoid, why should I buy followers?

It is very easy to work out who buys followers as they might have a huge following, but very little, what we like to call in the biz, engagement. I had to laugh at the advert above which this business “will give you the likes and followers you deserve and help you grow your social presence!”

I am known as what is called a micro-influencer (please note that the word influencer makes me want to pour bleach into my eyes). It puts me in the category because I have a relatively small following but I run a tight ship. I bring this up, and getting back to my original discussion of spending too much time on social media, was it hit me when I was trying to make my point with a Facebook follower who disagreed with me and I took a step back and went WOAH!

I am arguing with a stranger who I don’t know, and in real life, I wouldn’t care to know!


I try to write about real life in a playground which is increasingly becoming unreal. One of the nicest things that I get is when I meet a reader, in the street or wherever, and we have a chat and they say “You are exactly like you are on your blog…” and it leaves me pleased, but makes me think, who isn’t exactly like they are in their digital profile?

But here is what I do when I feel the need to get offline.

I check my emails twice a day. Once after the kids go to school and once just before they get home.

Take Facebook off your mobile device.

Always keep a book in your handbag so if you are caught somewhere, the doctor is running late or you are waiting for your kids sports practice to finish, you read rather than scroll.

Unfollow the unnecessary noisemakers!

I do not work on the weekends. I do not check my emails, answer comments or write. The world will not end.

Unsubscribe from all those email lists that you have ended up on and you didn’t even realise how!

Make plans with face to face time with mates.

Call your mother! (Mine has been OS for weeks now and I miss our chats)

Don’t bite. If someone is pissing you off online just block and delete. Same with unpleasant emails. If you delete them, they didn’t exist.

So social media is booming while our social lives are dying. So I will now flounce off to hang the sheets on the line, administer some Nurofen to a poorly child before meeting my friends for a coffee and a natter. Time is precious, make sure you are spending yours wisely.

How much time do you spend on social media?




  • Tracey

    Couple of hours a day, I reckon. But I am far less engaged than I used to be. Now I just scroll through everything and like stuff occasionally. I do take the time to comment here on occasion, as you can tell from the blast of emails you’ll have just received from me. I have always and will always prefer a book.

  • Heidi D

    I spend far too many hours a day on social media but I will also use my tablet to watch catch up tv things. I spend a lot of time sitting with my dodgy heart & social media is a way to chat & feel involved with stuff going on when getting out & about isn’t always easy. I definately need to get to the library soon, since I ran out of stuff to read my social media use has become a bit ridiculous. My biggest problem is that I hate the thought of missing something so check in too often

  • I leave it open far too much as a boredom distraction. Or when the ultra grey software I use at work bores into my skull and I need colour before I become some kind of b&w zombie.
    I hate the word influence too. Though apparently when I mock cantaloupes on instagram sometimes people end up buying from them. So yeah… that’s weird.

  • Antoinette

    I don’t have an Iphone or tablet, but a pc. I do most of my activities, like crocheting or reading in front of my computer, because I use the Kindle for PC to read and have the pattern of what I’m crocheting up on the screen. Thanks to multiple tabs it seems like I’m always on FB, but most of the time I don’t look at it. This is my special spot!

  • WORDS!
    And it’s taking over my life – I have 15 games on the go at once! I must delete this app. But I suppose it’s not SM then really is it?

  • Honestly, I am not game to start adding up the hours – eep!
    In saying that, I have learned to become very aware of how social media is making me feel. I have started to curate my feeds a lot more wisely and I know that when I start to feel that awful ‘jumpy in my skin’ or ‘stuck inside my head’ feeling, it’s time to step away! I don’t engage in mud slinging with strangers – no matter how passionate I might be on a topic – and I choose my battles. I roll my eyes at trolls and scroll on! I have very few followers but I like that this means very minimal trolling in my own spaces. Phew! If I recognise a troll, I don’t feed it. I block it. Works well!

  • I don’t want to add up the amount of time I spend on social media! I am trying to cut myself off but I keep going back!

  • You are sooo right about delete it and it doesn’t exist. Trouble was a couple of weeks ago, I opened pandora’s box, even though I knew I shouldn’t and wouldn’t like it and it was pretty vile! Maybe I can have better self control next time and leave that fucking bear unpoked.

  • I too spend too much time online but love detoxing from time to time and ignore it all. So far nobody has called the police saying: you didn’t post to your facebook fan page today! 🙂

  • Jacqui

    I took myself off FB (but not Messenger, this is possible) in Jan ’17 and joined Instagram and only follow people I really like. It was honestly a life changer. I now do not spend precious time worrying about what people are up to who I don’t care about. The people in my life that I love and enjoy – I still know what is going on. Funny about that. And when we catch up, I ask them what they have been up to rather than saying, “oh yeah, I saw all of that on FB”. So much nicer. I have no fear of missing out anymore and concentrate on what I am doing rather than worrying about EVERYONE else. Hallelujah!

  • Awesome post. I too removed FB from my phone and just left the pages and messenger apps in place.
    Wow what a difference!