The Hot Flush

So podcasts are so hot right now and everyone is doing them. My friend of 24 years Kim and I had some success with Woog and Berry before we called time on the old gal.

But we are back in a big way with a new podcast which will drop every second Monday. For those who are all like, “What the fuck is a podcast?” well it is basically a radio show without the music. Our new podcast is called The Hot Flush.

So we are talking to women who are forty plus and some of the challenges that we face. In this first episode we talk, amongst other things, vegan butchery and period pants. You can join our special The Hot Flush Facebook Page and contribute to the conversation, suggest topics and basically just be part of the gang. Click here and say hello!

Pop on the kettle, settle back and hopefully enjoy! (Don’t listen in front of the kids or your boss, just saying….)