Confess Your Quirk!


Everybody is born with a clean slate, and as you get older and experience life, you learn and experience the sensations of fear, elation, sadness, anger, euphoria, heartache and every darn thing in between.

You pick up habits, patterns and addictions. You might go through a phase where you will only eat boiled rice with soy sauce. You will not sleep with the door closed and the boogieman is totally real. Hopefully, you will grow out of these childhood habits and become a fully functioning, balanced, completely normal human being.

Complete rubbish I say! Show me someone who thinks that they are a fully functioning, balanced, completely normal human being, and I will show you a fibber.

You see, we all have something. Something that makes us quirky, different, not quite right? These nuances are either acknowledges and accepted, or perhaps not so healthy, hidden away and guarded. I live with a very overactive imagination, and tend to jump to the worst conclusions possible. My therapist says that I have programmed by brain to hit catastrophic alert when faced with uncomfortable situation.

I was once with my mate when a huge storm hit Sydney. We were driving towards home, and I started to worry…

“Maybe I should go straight to the school and get the kids…” It was well before bell time.

She looked at me, and plainly said. “It is just a storm… you idiot.”

And that was all I needed to hear. It was just a storm.

It did get me thinking, and a conversation ensued. Everybody has his or her SOMETHING. I began to dissect some of my behavior.

Every night I go to sleep, I place a glass of water next to my bed. I rarely drink it, but it has become a ritual of sorts. Each morning I heat the milk on the microwave for my coffee, for exactly 29 seconds. Not one more, not some less, but 29. PING! I like hot towels when I get out of the shower, so I turn on the heating rail fifteen minutes before I nude up and make like Aretha Frankin with the showerhead. I sound fantastic! I feel the day will not start right unless I catch the opener of ABC’s Morning Show at 8.30am.

Some of the worlds most interesting and revered people have quirks.

Did you know that James Earl Jones had a stutter so bad, that he did not speak for 8 whole years? THAT VOICE! Could you even imagine it?

Nicole Kidman has a well-known fear of butterflies. She is fine with getting her kit off for all and sundry to see on the big screen, but it is safe to say that Spring is not her favourite season…

And there is a whole HOST of famous folk for who the humble loo is just not good enough. Madonna, J-Lo and Kim Kardashian detest toileting on your average dunny, and insist on top of the range latrines. Why, Ms. Kardashian recently spent $750,000 on gold plated toilets in her new house. That is a pretty fancy receptacle for poo…

But let’s talk about us, and our more common quirks. I know people who cannot sleep with the wardrobe open. You might pretend to be on the phone to avoid a conversation with an irritating neighbor. You might find you get annoyed when someone wipes down the table at the café, and misses a spot.

The overuse of the word “Like” is both, like, and irritating, like, habit for both the, like, orator and listener… like. Like it is a hard habit to break…

You have a quirk. We all do.

Do you bite the ends off a Crunchie Bar first?

Do you leave your tea bags on the sink, in the same place each morning?

Do you put your bra on in a special way?