Is the Dinner Party Dead?

From my earliest memory, Mum would throw dinner parties. We had a formal dining room that was never used apart from her dinner parties. Mum would spent all day making Beef Wellington and Potato Dauphine in between polishing silver and goblets. The “good” cutlery was used and the records were lined up in order of preferred play. Mum would light the long, tapered candles on the table before racing off to get herself presentable.

When the guests arrived everyone played nice until the fifth bottle of lambrusco was cracked and more often than not, they ended up in the pool.


I believe these glory days of sipping punch while listening to Englebert Humperdinck are well and truly behind us. I mean, who has a formal dining room these days?

I bring this up as there was a rather lively conversation on the WoogsWorld Facebook page recently about entertaining. (What do you mean you are not following that page? That’s where all the good stuff goes down. Click here to join).

The dilemma?

My husband and I have what I think is a wide group of friends. We both enjoy entertaining and most weeks host dinner parties with a few friends and at least 1-2 times a year host larger parties with up to 100 friends. I also organise during the school term lunches with mums from schools, coffee dates etc.

However I have begun to realise over the past few years that very few of the friends every reciprocate and invite us over.  Is this normal?

I think there is so much pressure to be perfect that a whole heap of us break out in hives at the thought of trying to impress people with our ability to “entertain”. I think shows like Masterchef are to blame, as we have all become well to aware of what we are serving up to other people. That and fucking pinterest.  I have several friends (Kracker, BabyMac, Caro and Mrs. Goodman to name but a few) who can throw together a gathering and make it look so easy, but these are natural born hostesses. And most people are not.

Here at the house of Woog, we abide by the old rule of dust off the barbie, plonk yourself down, blow the top off a few frothies and whack on ye olde iTunes. Paper napkins? Here’s a stack! Can you grab a bag of ice for the esky darl? Our “dining room” is the car port of our modest 1920’s art deco brick bungalow. If you need to use the facilities, we even have an outdoor thunder box for your convenience! I cannot recall ever hosting a proper dinner party without a million kids running around. I do not own a gravy boat (as I do not know how to make gravy). Our salt and pepper shakers are the ones that you buy from Woolworths.

Now I know that the old school amoung us might disagree, but I do think the traditional dinner party is ovah.

But back to the dilemma that my dear reader has. Personally, I tend not to keep track of these things and more often than not invitations around these parts are issued via text messages on the day of the event.

Hi Guys! Let us know if you are free for dinner tonight at our place. From 6pm. POO EMOJI.

When it comes to entertaining at your place, what is your style?

Do you dust off the fondue set or clean up the BBQ?