How to spot a fake

I have been around the block a few times when it comes to all things blogging, and I pretty much have seen it all. The drama, the tantrums, full scale wars at times. And because I like to avoid confrontation and drama, I am pretty good at keeping my head down and chug along here bringing you the stories that I think you might find interesting. Doing this as a full time job for six years now, it has gotten a little tougher. I am not a natural hustler or a natural “entrepreneur” as everyone now claims to be, so I engage the services of an agency to deal with the deals. Because I like to put words on the page and that is about it.

Having said that, and as I believe to be suitably qualified so say, there is a new wave of influencers flooding the market. I can stop right now and tell you there is room for everyone, the social media space is limitless, but there is a trend coming across now that is so fake, it might as well be injected into your lips.

Mummy blogging in particular has become so dull.

Sits back in her chair and pours herself a stiff scotch and looks out the window, pondering the world.

she is going to say it……

Back in my day, say ten years ago or so, blogging was real. Real people writing real things and connecting with real audiences and just keeping things, well…. real. The blogging community was extraordinarily small but fiercely supportive and there were none of the big social media spats that happen now, which tend to end up on the pages of shit websites like The Daily Mail. The art of storytelling is getting quieter, as influencers now become celebrities and are newsworthy in their own right.

Me, for I am but a humble writer. I had a crack at television, enough to know that it was not my bag at all! I chip away at my craft, hoping that it gets better with every year that flys by, as I catch new accounts open and overnight become mega-bloggers in the space of months. A lot of these “successes” are due to bought followers and comment bots which leave comments such as “great work!” “you are beautiful” and the old “STUNNING!” and it makes my eyes roll back into my head and have a grand mal seizure. Huge numbers with no engagement. That is how you spot a fake. Fakers are also notorious at non-disclosure when it comes to paid work. I know this because quite often I am put on the same campaign as them. SHADY AF.

I am a relatively small blogger in the grand scheme of things. They even have a name for me! I am known as a micro influencer and one of those who are upending the traditional advertising model. I know that 90% of you here are female and 90% of you are Australian and 100% of you are not from a spam bot or followers factory. The big wigs at the cracker factory even have a tag line for this blog which is…. *clears throat*

Connecting women to a community to share life, from the serious to the ridiculous.

I suppose what I am trying to say is I miss the good old days of social media, where things were just that little bit grittier. Where one did not primp and preen for instagram to seek validation from strangers and you didn’t get judged if your toaster and kettle didn’t match. Or perhaps I would listen to American Author Edna Ferber when she said “Writers should be read and not seen, for rarely are they a winsome sight.”

remind me to make that bed OK?

Over to you!

When it comes to social media, do you sometimes get off your phone and realise how crap your life is?

Have you learnt to spot a fake?