Prepare the Laser!


So losing one’s eyesight is also one of the many things that one can look forward to, as the years whiz by. I spent the first ten years rocking a spectacular pair of clunky bi-focals and didn’t I cop it from my peers!


“Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses….”

They were the main ones. I used to have a little sob to Mum and she would assure me that boys would make passes at me, but not to worry about it at the moment.

There was talk with my specialist about an operation and it scared me so much that my eyes suddenly corrected themselves, leaving the Macquarie Street Surgeon stunned, declaring that it was a miracle!

Fast forward to my late thirties I began to notice that things were getting more difficult to read and this was hardly ideal because reading and me go together like peas and carrots. I would sit in cafes and hold out the menu at arms length to try and get some sort of focus. It was time to get myself off to the optometrist who whacked a great big multi-focal lens on me and all of a sudden I could see.

But there is a problem and I am pretty sure that I am not the only one. My glasses fog up very quickly and every fifteen minutes or so I need to clean them. So I thought I would do a little research as to why my eyes are so hot.

Fogging happens because of the phase change of matter.  Water vapor (from exhaled breath and sweat from your forehead) cools down when it touches the lenses.  The cold lenses cause a phase change as the warm vapor touches them and turns into a liquid.

The fog then attracts dust particles and then I need to squint and sometimes I will get a headache from it.


So I am thinking about throwing in the towel and getting laser eye surgery, either that or investing in an anti-fog lens cleaning business, for it is slightly driving me insane.

Do you suffer from foggy lens syndrome?

Ever had the laser? Did it work? Tell me all of the things!


  • Tracey

    Yes I had laser surgery and it was the best thing I ever did. Took about a week to recover and probably 3-4 weeks for my eyes to settle properly. That was about 10 years ago. But they won’t do it if your prescription changes a lot, as it would only be a temporary fix. Go and get the consultation done.

  • Janice

    Go for it…I have seen people walk in hanging on to a nurse and walking out saying…I can see!! I had a Radial Keratotomy in my late 20’s …result was fantastic, but the actual op has not been so go for me now that I have glaucoma and cataracts in my 60’s. Laser surgery is so much more advanced and well worth it.

    • I am just worried that it will hurt!

  • This happens to me when I wear sunglasses!! Not sure if it’s the shape of them or whether I’m just too hot for them to handle.

  • Ingi

    I was very short-sighted for my childhood, teens and early adulthood. Finally I decided I’d had enough of glasses and contacts, and stumped up the $3000/eye to get it done about 14 years ago. Best 6K I’ve ever spent! Still have excellent distance vision. However, now I am old and have reading glasses, but would consider more surgery to fix that too.

    • Oh I do not intend to face this without any relaxing substances!

  • FOGGY LENSES ARE THE WORST. I have had the same eye glasses prescription for two years in a row now. I am hoping that if it drives me more crazy and things stay stable that it might be a great possibility for me to have the surgery. Even though the idea of someone messing with my eyeballs grosses me out and scares me haha.

    • Yes but I am learning towards doing it.

  • TanG

    I had laser eye surgery (vista eyes in Vic- Dr Rick Wolfe, who married Gamble in Real housewives of Melbourne- name dropping much?) 15 years ago, and not been for an eye check since!
    The recovery was so fast I was able to drive 3 hrs the following day to attend high school reunion!! Winning

  • Angela

    Go for it. I had it done 14 years ago. Best money spent ever !

  • I got it done about 20 years ago. They said it would last me about 10 years, and it lasted 10 years to the day! A very good investment.
    You’ll have men making passes at you within a week Woogster!

  • Yep, I had done about 14 years ago. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done but also completely life changing. I went from wearing glasses all day long to not needing them at all. These days my eyesight isn’t so great, but that’s due to my IIH and nothing to do with laser surgery. It’s a procedure I’d highly recommend!

  • KT

    I had it done 17 years ago for short-sightedness. It was amazing! Then I developed an astigmatism, and 2 years ago I had to start wearing glasses again…

    • 17 years is a fair whack of time!

  • Kathryn

    I’ve had it done. About 7 years ago, they said it would last 10 years but my eyesight is starting to fail again. But still absolutely amazing! It was like someone had turned floodlights on, I could see so much! Like my crows feet and my partners bald patch haha!

    • Maybe I should rethink this….. hahaha xxx