Do you know what tomorrow is?

I know a lot of you have been around since the start of this little blog of mine, merci! One of the great things about blogging, both reading and writing them, is that your tastes change and things that might be relevant for you one year, is completely irrelevant the next! It is all part of the charm of getting older.

But there is one thing that I steadfastly do every single year. I support and try to raise money for The Shepherd Centre.

Can you believe that this was filmed when Jack was in Kindy and now he is about to start high school? You have been warned. There is an ugly cry involved.


Tomorrow is LOUD SHIRT DAY so make sure you come back for my annual Fashion Post done with super ugly shirts.

In the meantime, it would mean the world to me if you could chuck a couple of bucks into my donation page, I would be forever grateful. Even if you can only spare a dollar, it all counts.


Meanwhile, how do we feel about that parrot shirt? Which is your favourite? PLEASE HELP THIS IS IMPORTANT!

  • Heidi D

    ok, so you warned that you cried, you didn’t tell me I would cry too. His gorgeous happy face at the end finished me right off !
    All of the shirts are great. The parrot is particularly spectacular

    • I am determined to track it down!

  • Mrs Macca

    A beautiful clip Mrs Woog, I shed a tear or three myself. You are an exceptional mum, what an experience for you all. Thank goodness for the Shepard Centre.

  • Woogster that is a brilliant story. I had no idea your son was deaf, a ballet star or excelled at guinea pigs.
    Has he kept up the dancing?

    • 5 days a week. He is finishing school and has dreams to dance for the New York Ballet. He assures me that he can get me a free ticket.

  • Sew Fi

    Thank you for sharing your sons story. I shed a few tears as I watched his story and remembered my own childs battles with deafness.

    • It can certainly be a scary time ss

  • Donna

    My friend teachers at a special school. And has one child who’s only issues are deafness and bad parenting. Then I see Jack who achieves so much and I feel deep sadness for the other child who has been robbed of an education and their best life because of birth parents and lack of facilities in country area. There should be 100 Sheppard Centres.

    • That is terribly sad. And I agree. More resources are needed for remote areas xx

  • Andrea Ijeoma Tade

    Mrs Woog, I’ve never commented before on your blog being the silent purveyor that I am. You all have done an amazing job on such an exceptional young man, Jack. God Bless!

    • What a gloriously kind comment. Thank you so very much xx

  • Christina

    *happy tears
    *no words