The Modern Mother Manifesto

Please indulge  me while I have a Jerry McGuire moment and blurt out some words. This is a manifesto for mothers of teenagers and tweens.


I love…

You both. You are both amazing in many ways.

Being your mum.

Seeing you set goals and achieve them.

That you are growing up into fully paid up decent members of the human race.

I believe…

I do too much for you.

That I am now going to close the door on both your bedrooms and let the wet towels fester away on the floor.

I do not have to be witness to your constant fights. Please excuse me while I leave the room.

That my nagging will stop as of today. Don’t brush your teeth. Don’t take a shower. Stink up the joint if you want.

Despite loving you all the time, it is ok not to like you very much at times.

That if you want to beat the shit out of each other in the kitchen when you clean up the dinner that I cooked for you, go for it.

That every time you roll your eyes, my wine glass will get filled.

That if you leave your lunch on the kitchen bench, you will get hungry at school.

If you do not hand in your assignment you will be penalised. Not my problem.

If you disrespect me there will be swift and life altering consequences. AKA no WIFI or screens.

That “Go ask your father” is a valid segue into a discussion I do not wish to have with you at this present time.

That “He looked at me funny sir” is not an excuse that will hold up in court.


I am committed to…

Helping you heal your broken heart when it first gets smashed.

Helping you help yourself.

Seeing this mothering gig through to the end.

Trying to NOT be committed to the loony bin over the next few years.


Please feel free to add your own!

I love…

I believe…

I am committed to…