When the newsreader becomes the news

Over the past decade or so, the rise of celebrity culture has gone into complete overdrive. It seems we are searching constantly searching for the latest “it” person to lift up and celebrate. It is an interesting phenomena and one that I feel has a lot to do with reality television and the shift in the way we consume media. With media outlets springing up seemingly every week, there is a scramble for current content to fill websites and pages, to attract eyeballs, which than can be shown in powerpoint presentations to whipper-snappers working in media agencies, who buy the advertising space.

But yesterday, a bomb dropped that has shown that someone is quite cunning.

Of course I am talking about Lisa Wilkinson’s resignation from Channel 9 and her deflection over to a struggling Channel Ten, who must have searched under the front seat of the car, and checked the pockets of old jackets to come up with her pay packet. It has been a PR disaster for 9 and a total win for Ten and I think that Lisa Wilkinson is worth so much more than her former co-host. And I am going to tell you why.

Of course, her stance about equal pay cannot go un-noted. She has, in a matter of hours, become the poster women for insisting on closing the pay gap between the genders. But Channel Ten saw the worth in ponying up the pay, because they will get so much more than just her decades of experience across all media, both traditional and modern. Lisa has been in the business since she was 21 and has seemingly traversed the print, television and online landscape without faltering.


Well, my point is just that. Mine. So let me explain.

With longevity brings trust. And with such trust, well that makes your word worth something. At at the age of 57, Lisa Wilkinson is a tried and true trusted voice that we are all familiar with. She seamlessly works cleverly with brands, doing brilliant work with Canon and Women’s Weekly as well as being involved in so many charities including Barnardo’s, Breast Cancer Institute of Australia, National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Melanoma Institute, the Ingham Medical Research Institute, the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, the Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick, Adopt Change, Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food, The Big Issue and the Butterfly Foundation, which shows that she is empathic to those less fortunate than herself as well with generosity regarding her time and experience.

But back to the core business of television stations, that being advertising, let us look at a few facts. in 2017 there has been a growth in spend. $15.4 billion dollars now change hands every year to get brands messages across, and more of this is being spent in digital. (side note, WHERE DO I FIT IN YOU STINGY BASTARDS? I want a contract with an incontinence product!)

By adding Lisa Wilkinson to Channel Ten’s stable of talent, they have tapped into more than just her experience. They have tapped into a powerful market that spend more than other segments and interestingly enough, an audience that that grew up listening to Lisa Wilkinson, since the Dolly days.

From the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Please excuse my totally rad graphic design skillz.


Not only will Lisa Wilkinson add gravitas to The Project on Channel Ten, she will also refresh the possibilities of becoming much more than a talking head for Channel Ten. While Channel Nine will be continued to be run by The Grand Old Boys Club, and a couple of Stefanovics, who certainly make the news more than they tell it.

What do you think of Lisa’s move?

Do you get paid less than your male colleagues?

I once got $5K less than my male colleague who started at the same time. Same qualifications. Same experience.

Apparently because he was engaged. And I wasn’t.