Nine things to do when you think the world is turning to shit

Do you remember when you were a little kid and the world was pretty amazing? And you couldn’t wait to get older and then you GET older and then the world can seem fairly fucked up? I am trying to pull myself out of a hole at the moment. It seems that every time I turn on the news or read the paper, my soul is destroyed a little bit more.

Is it concerning that I am becoming a little de-sensitized to the world’s current affairs? Yes, indeed it is.

Is it concerning me that my kids will wander passed the television and comment casually “Another terrorist attack Mum? How many people are dead?” Pretty horrific stuff hey?

I turn on Twitter to see the vile way in which people interact with each other. I turn it off.

It is all a bit gross hey? People saying things to others that they wouldn’t dare say to their face. I have taken a big step back from Social Media generally, because it was making my neck itch. And it was filling my head with worry that I didn’t need.

You see, your brain is just like a big old sponge and like a sponge, it cannot take on anymore water once it is full. So occasionally you have to squeeze that brain sponge to get rid of the water, so you can fill it back up again, hopefully with the good stuff. Does this make any sense to you?

I had coffee with some mates this morning and I was being VERY negative. Bitching and whinging about this and that, blowing off some steam following a massive argument with the teenager and generally being a miserable cow. My girlfriend snapped me out of it by these simple words…

“You have to let it go.”

And she was so right! By marinating in my misery, I was doing myself no favours whatsoever. I mean, you cannot move forward while you are looking back, right?

Here are a few tips and tricks to try when you think the world is going to hell in a handbag.

  1. Turn off all screens. By scrolling, reading, commenting and fulling up your sponge brain with all the sad shit will set you up nicely in a doomy gloomy sandwich.
  2. Check your tone. Think before you speak. Is there a kinder, more reasonable way to get your message across?
  3. DO NOT PUNCH THE PILLOW BECASUE SOMEONE PISSED ON THE FLOOR NEAR THE TOILET. Calmly hand the perpetrator a pine-o-clean paper towel and suggest that one might be more considerate of others when urinating. You might have to do this twelve thousand times, but much like training a puppy, persistence will pay off.
  4. Have a reliable supply of excellent, understanding friends who you can count on in a crises. And make sure you are available to do the same for them.
  5. Make a cup of tea. I know this sounds very trivial and mundane, but watch the kettle boil. Sitting down with your tea and your thoughts cannot be over-rated.
  6. Know that eventually there will be another election and we will hopefully get the chance to get our nation back on track. Hopefully!
  7. RAGE CLEAN! This is a particularly effective secret weapon of mine and is an aphrodisiac to my OCD partner. I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to fill up black garbage bags with useless shit. If this frightens you, start small. Do your handbag.
  8. Stop looking for the problems and start pondering the solutions.
  9. Never, ever give up. Ever!

It was Mark Twain who once said “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” and I think there is something in that for all of us, wouldn’t you say?

How are you dealing with the current state of the world?

Please feel free to share your shit-busting techniques!

  • Candace H.

    We recently bought a travel trailer. I am still shocked by this but we wanted to do something different. Being lovers of hotels and rental cars we didn’t know how this new adventure would go. We just returned from 3 weeks away. A week in 3 different places AND they all had spotty phone and internet service. I cannot tell you how rejuvenating it was for us both. If I still had teenagers I would definitely take up trailer camping. National/state/county parks have some of the worst service here in the western part of the U.S. and a weekend without social media is what I would prescribe for teenagers today.
    I can tell you that with the orange ass and his cronies in the White House we really need to step back from social media and news ….it is every day and almost every hour that another cringe making situation happens in my country and it seems as if we aren’t the only country dealing with right wing ugliness. Keep actively working against this but take a break from the ugliness to keep sane.

  • The world is an endless novel we are forced to read 24/7, sometimes it feels like it needs a better editor or at times when a ego crazed oompa-loompa becomes the president of a major country, we beg at least for a less fanciful storyline, but in the end we can’t put life’s novel down for long because it also fills our hearts with joy, laughter and the ability to realise who we are as people simply because of how we react to it. You’re one of the good ones Mrs W, when shit hurts you, you protect the rest of us with your hilarity and practical advise. Thank you! Oh and tell any pregnant friends who are expecting boys to just buy shares in Pine O Clean because those precious little bundles of joy will never, ever, stop peeing on the God Damn floor!

    • Bastard floor pissers! Just had. 24 social media break and it was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you so much Kate for your very wise words xx

  • Tracey

    I do not watch news of any sort, ever. That saves my mind more than anything else. I pick and choose what I read online so at least I am aware of what is happening in the world, but I don’t need all the details.

    Eating chocolate is also a good thing.

    • Chocolate is amazing! Also subscribe to THE SQUIZ which is a gentle form about how to keep up to date xx

  • Lauren Russo – Love_Live_Loz

    I have been this negative nutty lately. Im feeling overwhelmed by life and mothering; miss having something for myself and probably read and care too much about the saddness in the world. But I must remember this stage of life I am in is a bloody privilege. So many pine for the simple things and the special little people I have. Sometimes a little snap of perspective is all I need. Sometimes it takes more effort and mindfulness to shake it off. And I LOVE a rage clean!

    • Rage cleaning rocks, but I agree with you. Put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others xx

  • Heidi D

    once upon a time I watched the news every night, not any more. It is just all so horrible. I was starting to get really anxious when I had to go to the city for medical appointments, I hated the thought of being in a major city just in case something went horribly wrong. I am starting to look for good news stories & avoid all the terrible stuff for a while.

    • It can really get to a gal, hey? Sending love xx

  • Donna

    I wish I had a more publishing worthy shit busting technique to talk about. But I’ve sent myself home from work – had a little cry in the car and am in bed with the electric blanket on. Not high tech but I need some peace and quiet. No one will be home until 6 and dinner is done so I’m not moving for several hours.

    • That sounds like a great option xx

  • Rage clean sure takes the sass out of me ?

  • I feel like I am drowning in shit at the moment. Had my hair chopped off and dyed red but that hasn’t helped. Wish I could wrinkle my nose and be standing here with a novel making light of the bureaucracy that is killing me. I know…I should just get started. I might buy some paper tomorrow.

    • Sue, you are a bloody legend xx

  • Emma

    Teach boys to sit down when they pee – solves the dripping /aim problems (also the toilet seat is always down) but not the fact if their ongoing unfamiliarity with a toilet brush. At least it’s one (two) less thing(s)?. My husband modified his behaviour after hearing Dr Karl make a comment about it years ago. Blew his mind coming from an all boy household as it had never occurred to him!

  • Wait, where does “drink wine til everything bad goes away” fall on the list?!?!?

  • Linda Collard

    Bang on how I feel at the moment. Some things BIG. Some things more micro. Gender imbalance. Shootings. Manus. Hectic life. Obligations. Always the one getting people where they have to go. Propping them up.

    And then last night I saw talented kids sing and play music. (Dept of Ed Opera House concert). And I was amazing this much talent exists in just one state. And I hope (I hope!) they don’t get bogged down in shit and take that talent out there and sing us out of our global chaos.

    Or in other words (not mine) – children are our future.

    • Linda I totally get this! I watch my son dancing ballet in a lot of concerts and it really gives me hope xx

  • The news has been so crap lately. Even today I met my parents for a coffee and there was a newspaper lying around and each page was depressing.

    As for the pee on the floor. I’ve serviced urinals 3 meters long and they still manage to piss in front of it or up towards the ceiling. Baffles my mind.

    • Still cannot watch the news. Am reading heaps which is grand xx