I am not sure about you but I feel like I have run a marathon with all the marriage equality debate. I have a rule not to argue with strangers on the internet, which has kept my headspace nice and positive, although I did have an exchange with a cousin who has convinced herself that if she voted YES, then “Won’t someone think if the children!”

I tried my best to point out that the Safe Schools Program had NOTHING to do with marriage equality but my words were batted back to me and when she quoted “evidence” from Lyle Shelton, I knew that I was wasting my time.

Some friends and I gathered around the television yesterday at ten, to watch the announcement. We were very excited, nervous, anxious and as the results were read out ALL MY GOD ALL OF THE GOOSEBUMPS! We drank a bottle of champagne and there may have been a few tears shed, but there we were. A group of straight Mums knowing that our kids will be stunned in a few years time that this was even an issue, let alone one that divided communities, and bought hate and ugliness into our lives.

Now, I have been protesting things since I can remember. This was years ago when we were sending troops to Iraq. Bubba Horatio!

This was one of the first Marriage Equality Rally that we went to. Look at my Jack!

Here I am with mates at the Women’s Rally earlier this year.

Rallying and protesting is a very empowering thing to get involved in. And when the results came through yesterday, well I felt that I could finally exhale.

I needed to go to Taylor Square and celebrate. And I am so glad that I did. The atmosphere was electric, with strangers hugging strangers, strangers hugging police, people were openly weeping and dancing. These two gorgeous blokes have been together for 28 years! And yes, they are going to get married.

Love is love. It is that simple. And for far too long it has been a political ping pong game, being used as a tool for both sides of politics to score points, and it was very cruel and totally unnecessary. I am sure that there will be some argy bargy and some nitty gritty stuff to sort out, but I am very much looking forward to the wedding invites from my family and friends, to roll in.

I has been a while since I felt any patriotic pride but it is back. And it feels good.

Where were you when you heard the news?

Did you celebrate?

  • Heidi D

    being totally unorganised I was in the shower. When I got out & saw the time my first thought was to check facebook, it was a sea of rainbows & celebration. I really hope it is all sorted out quickly now the discussions have started

    • Yes, the support shown was wonderful xx

  • Oh yes – I have never felt this proud of my nation. Amazing. We could have easily gone down in history as another bunch of Brexit/Trump type idiots but we didn’t. I am in shock. Yesterday was the most glorious, positive love fest. My faith in humanity restored. Now to make it legal! BEFORE CHRISTMAS. FOR REALS.

    • I didn’t stop smiling all day!

  • Do NOT get me started on Lyle Shelton, nasty bigoted piece of work that he is!
    I was at home, forgot to turn the telly on, but Dragon Dad phoned me from his car with the news! Spent the rest of the day off and on FB enjoying the celebrations on my feed! Wrote a blog post about it – and I never write about political stuff, so that was a first! Lets see them get on with it and make it law now – QUICKLY. They have much foot dragging to make up for after all the years of nonsense and then the bloody survey.
    I have two boys – one straight, one gay – and when this legislation goes through, they will have the SAME opportunity to marry, should either of them decide to do that. Makes me VERY happy!

    • Shelton is the exception, not the norm. Thank GOODNESS. I am glad that your boys will have equal
      Rights under the law xxx

  • Sarah Gooley

    I was in the car running late for Kindy drop off. I did a couple of blocks to wait for the result. When it was read out I let out a whopping great big “Yesss! Thank goodness for that!” My four year old daughter asked what had happened to which I replied, “Darling what that man said means one day you and your sisters can marry whoever you want.” To which the two eldest (4 & 2) went “Yay!” 😂😬🌈

  • Gemma

    Way to make it all about you…

    • Gemma, you seem a little cranky. Bad day?

      • Gemma

        A great day for me. I just cringe at you rushing into Oxford Street to find some gay strangers to celebrate with.

        • No worries. I was with a large group of mates. Cringe away and have a lovely evening.

    • Craig Hunt

      Of course it’s about Mrs Woog – this is HER blog and she is sharing HER experiences of the vote, the results and her celebrations. What is wrong with that? Cringe all you want Gemma … Mrs Woog and I are busy celebrating and loving and sharing our experiences and love with other like minded people. Cringers are free to keep on cringing and whinging. Happy Days! 🙂

    • Sarah Milbourn

      Can’t have been too bad Gemma. You bothered to read the whole thing.

  • We had marriage equality for so long in the UK, I couldn’t wait for Australia to get with the system. I turned the telly on just in time to hear the announcement and happy dance round the lounge room. It’s a great day for love, equal opportunity and to be Australian. As Nike would say, just do it!

  • kate

    I felt really emotional about it too. I heard two gay blokes speaking on the wireless (I am possibly the only person in Australia who still uses that word) Who were in their nineties they had been together since their 20s when it was illegal. What a day for them!

    • I have heard so many stories like these and it makes my heart sing!

  • katerina

    NO NO NO !!! Those people are ill….. there are 2 sexes…MALE AND FEMALE…end off.

    • Craig Hunt

      Katerina you can get treatment for your problems. Wishing you all the best.

      • Gemma

        …beacuse people who don’t agree you with must have some sort of illness that needs to be treated. What a strange person you must be to think someone who believes in a biological fact supported by all credible science requires treatment for their problems. Poor Craig.

        • Lejla

          Dear Gemma, would love to know which scientific book, or research did you use to support your “biological fact”. Long gone are the days when we used wiches’ hunt tactics to deal with science. 😊

          PS. Craig Hunt, I would love to be in your Uber!

  • katerina

    Enjoy watching your effeminate boys wearing dresses …OMG…Talk about screwed up…All in the name of “political Correctness….” Sheer madness……!!!!

    • Simone P

      Do you mind if I ask how your life is personally affected by what someone else chooses to wear?

    • You raise your kids as you see fit. I couldn’t be happier with mine.

  • It’s all very lovely 🙂 So glad Australia came good! I saw a gigantic rainbow as I drove home from work yesterday. It brought tears to my eyes.

  • Craig Hunt

    I have been with my partner for 30 years … after feeling discriminated against since I realised I was gay in 1975 this was a big day for me. I was at Prince Alfred Park at the rally to await the result. I couldn’t find my partner as I had just arrived 5 minutes before the announcement. As I was awaiting the result the tears just started and i couldn’t stop … so much emotion that has been building for so long. Then the result – OMG I couldn’t believe it! Such joy and relief and more tears! Now I just had to find my partner in the crowd and after 5 more minutes there he was! A big hug and a kiss and we held hands for the wonderful speeches from Magda, Ian Thorpe, Christine, Alan Joyce etc.

    I am so proud to be Australian again and to at last feel accepted by my fellow Aussies.

    And Mrs. Woog – lots of love to you for your unconditional love of your children and other people. I am so thrilled you went to Taylor Square to celebrate with both your friends and with strangers! What a wonderful gesture of unconditional love and support. This is what the world needs more of. Don’t worry about any of the judgemental NO voters. They are just a little unhappy I imagine and probably haven’t experienced having their hearts opened the way we have. Although I don’t know for sure. All I know is keep LOVING and you can’t get it wrong.

    PS: I was your UBER driver last year when your little boy loved the Disco lights in my car and he asked if I could be your UBER driver every time. I wished I could too!

    Love Craig xxx

    • Congrats Craig! Wasn’t it an amazing moment. We still talk about your fabulous disco car xxx

  • Lauren Russo – Love_Live_Loz

    I saw the result after scrolling my Instagram feed flooded with rainbows. FINALLY! Well done to you Kayte for all of your continued efforts in standing up to fight for what is right!

  • Linda

    Love is love.
    You Mrs Woog are a beautiful example.

  • Tracey

    We had an online viewing session at my desk at work (multiple screen, refreshing all the news services at once was challenging!). Such a relief that everyone will now be treated equally. Wonderful stuff.