Happy Hormones?

Ok so you know how last week I wrote about WHEN HORMONES COLLIDE and then followed it up with another sad post called SOME BAD NEWS where a relaxation guru told us to shun caffeine, booze and carbs and I got fully on board.

FOR ONE DAY. Because life is short and I am a super cranky cow without coffee and Diet Coke. I kind of felt that I had nothing left to live for.

But then, a whole heap of you told me about the merits of a supplement called Happy Hormones. And so I figured that if I was going to chug-a-lug caffeine then I could undo my evil work by popping a magical pill! HUZZAH! So being the lemming I am, I jumped on the Internet and ordered said Happy Hormones and was dead pleased with myself and my future happy self.

A few days later, my Happy Hormones turned up and again, I patted myself on the back for giving myself some self love. And then I realised that it was not a pill, but a powder that I needed to mix with water and drink. I carefully unscrewed the lid and stuck my nose into the container and took in a big whiff.

Once I came too, I realised that I had made a big mistake. There was no way that I could consume this evil smelling miracle in a jar. I put the lid back on it and left it on the shelf in the kitchen along with all the other miracle stuff that I believed would make me a better person.

When Mr. Woog came home from work, he spied the Happy Hormones on the shelf and was elated!

“Have you taken your Happy Hormones?” He asked hopefully, thinking that by taking it his wife would return to some sort of even temperament.

“Nup. It smells like ass….” I told him. He suggested that I hold my nose and go for it and I suggested that he go and make love to himself.

This scenario was repeated each evening for a while until I made him smell it.

“But it cost fifty bucks!” He wailed “TAKE YOUR HAPPY HORMONES!”

“I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE MY FUCKING HAPPY HORMONES!” I said in a slightly hysterical tone.

And so it sits, gathering dust and mocking me as I pass. So much hope, so much promise, so much smelly. Fuck you Happy Hormones and your daily email telling me that you will work better if I sign up for your yoga classes and you will work better if I order other stuff from your website. GET IN A PILL AND I MIGHT BELIEVE YOU!

But enough about me…

Are you happy?

PS It might work. I want it to work. I just cannot drink it.


  • Margie

    I take magnesium and pre period B6. It helps a bit with the moody bitch face. Not sure if it is real or a placebo effect.
    I also refuse to give up the caffeine- I’m only one a day coffee but the thing that has helped is extra water. Dehydration makes cranky people crankier. And water doesn’t taste like ass or cost $50

  • Heidi D

    I already take around 20 prescribed medications a day & rattle when I walk. There is no way I would take anything else, besides my blood thinners seem to be contraindicated with just about everything. My family just have to put up with me being a cranky cow & my frequent warnings of “I am either going to cry or strangle someone ! I need peace & quiet “

  • Kimberley Haines

    Yes I tried it, yes it tastes bad, yes it worked. When they have a pill I’ll restock – worth trying though

  • Michelle Duncan

    I am on the HH bandwagon & yes, while it is not the most pleasant of tastes it is worth it! I now add apple cider vinegar to it and lemon juice coz I am a sadist I think lol. A friend takes it like a shot in about 30 mls of water & swears by that too…. Worth holding your nose perhaps?

  • sue

    you can actually make it into capsules yourself if you really want to…. i just chug it down & follow with something that doesn’t taste like arse

    it really does work.

  • Kathryn

    I too have a shelf full of expensive ‘miracle’ shite. Still laughing over the ‘go and make love to himself’ 😀

  • Shelly Scott

    🤣🤣🤣 I seriously love yoy

  • Anjanette Murray

    Happy hormones is the best. You really should give it a fair trial by using it. I admit the smell is unusual but the benefits outweigh the scent or taste of it. I think your review is very unbalanced and that is a shame as your blog influences many people and happy hormones truly has helped thousands of women. Let alone the fact that Lisa Curry supports it and the product is an Australian creation.

    • Yes when it comes out in capsule form I will certainly give it a try!

  • Cathryn Warner

    Mrs Woog, you are a legend!!! For ages I have seen the ads and even liked the page about Happy Hormones. I have seen people I know, famous people I don’t know and friends and family also like the page. But I have never seen that one honest review that pushes me past the voyeur status into the buyer realm. Although I do have a rather large collection of other miracle remedies that I forget to take or got no results from after a day so abandoned.
    Thanks to you I now know that this one is not for me … I completely agree that a capsule / pill would see my money flying across the internet banking skies to see if the results were as great as everyone makes out. But a stinky powder ?!?!?! … that I will most likely gag on regardless of the smell – no thank you very much.
    I understand that it may be very good for weight-loss and show amazing results turning witches into princesses and that it is Australian made and we should support local products, but I think I will do my bit in my own way. A fine magic potion from the Barossa or Hunter Valley will turn me from a witch to a f-ing queen .. so I will stick with that.
    Thanks for taking one for the team Mrs Woog … I owe you a bottle of “magic potion”..

  • Jenny

    Absolutely disgusting that you would take money from Variety to advertise Sunday’s walk. Given the number of banal posts on your Facebook, surely you could have posted a freebie. I am a long term follower and I am sickened. As a campaigner for bloggers using the hash tag #sp, your use of #ad was clearly a deliberate attempt to confuse readers. Enjoy the money. #greed

  • Carolyn Burns

    I discovered HH and was sceptical at first. I have it in some soy milk which I dont normally drink and its not too bad. Also it actually works! I have it every morning. Give it a try, I dare ya!