The time between Christmas and New Year

Well hello and good day to you all. I hope you are enjoying all the spoils of the season. This is a funny old time, these days between Christmas and New Years Eve, where you are waking up and ten am, watching stupid movies, avoiding the heat, eating ham and forgetting what day it is.

For those who are interested, it is Friday 29th of December.

But before I go into the traditional reflection of the top posts of the Blog, a favour if you will.

For those of you who know about Etsy, Jack has launched a store selling slime. It has been live for a while now and he has not had one sale! I am trying to tell him about building a brand, and supply and demand etc, but kids these days! They want it all and they want it now. So he has asked me, as a favour, if I could give him a “shout out” and if your slime needs are not being met elsewhere, you may consider ordering some limited edition WOOGSLIME. Click here.

Now that that is out of the way, I give you YOUR TOP FIVE POSTS OF WOOGSWORLD IN 2017!


In this article I write about a bit of a transformation that occurred to me this year, with a bit of background to go along with it. I knew that self medicating with food and television was making the situation worse for my poor brain. So I walked away from my grief. Like literally. I walked miles and miles. And why diets do not work for me.


In this post, we discussed what it was like to grow up not being the prettiest blossom in the garden. But in my mothers eyes, I was completely gorgeous.

“One day you are going to be Miss Australia!” she would tell me often. Back in the day being Miss Australia was something be aspire to be.

Her best mate, Aunty Lois grew concerned. “Christine, you should stop saying that to her. She is NOT going to be Miss Australia.”

Narrator – She certainly did not grow up to be Miss Australia……..


Still one of the most searched blog posts, you guys went nutso for my good friend and neighbour Mrs. Goodman’s most incredible soup that she so generously shared with us. Keep it up your sleeve!


They say smile and the whole world smiles with you. They also say fart, and you will remain alone. This was probably one of my personal favourites from this year so I was DELIGHTED to see it pop up in the top five of your favourites. It is a simple exchange with an elderly K-Mart sales lady called Phyllis. She was wise and if you missed this one the first time, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.


I wrote this blog post as a response to a social media world that continues to grow faker by the second. I share some of my favourite online personalities who are getting on with the business of keeping shit real.

So there you have it. As selected by you. You have great taste by the way. And I hope you enjoy reading them again, or perhaps for the first time. Ah and just before I go, can we all slow the fuck down on the roads? Far to many people are dying these holidays and it is making me glum.

Do you have a favourite WoogsWorld post that springs to mind.?

Most of you mention this one….