53 years old? You need to ditch the jeans

My current favourite jeans. CLICK HERE

According to some stupid British survey we should not be wearing jeans after the age of 53. This means I have nine more years of being able to wear my wardrobe staple. I, for one, am sick of being told what I can and cannot do according to how many trips around the sun I have taken.

The same survey also pointed out that 6% of us actually cry when we try to buy jeans. I have only ever cried while shopping when I tried to get some customer service in Myer.

Also, interesting to note that they also said 54 is the correct age to start wearing kaftans. I also laugh at this rule. And who exactly makes these rules? There are so many stupid fashion rules like “Don’t wear white after Labor Day” and “Your shoes and bag MUST match!”. Women must dress their age. Cut your hair short when you hit 40. Bollocks to all of that.

Recently I did a massive cull of my wardrobe. Like I got rid of 50% of it, including about four pairs of rank jeans. That is because my wardrobe was bulging with clothes and I still didn’t have anything to wear. Mainly because most of it I wasn’t ever going to wear again. I had also forgotten stuff I had purchased.

I also recently made a conscious decision not to go clothes shopping as a means to spend my leisure time which has been a total game changer for my bank balance and the amount of books that I am reading.

Mr. Woog follows the school of thumb that used to be practiced by the late Steve Jobs. He wears the same thing everyday. Twice a year he will purchase five black v-neck t-shirts which he wears with jeans. He says because he spends all day making important decisions in his business, it is one less decision he needs to make each day.

But back to my beloved jeans and their impending retirement. What the fuck am I going to wear next decade? The answer, my friends, SLACKS!

What do you wear everyday?