The Labrador Redemption

Have you ever wondered into a room and stood there, thinking to yourself “Why am I here?” You knew that you wanted to go into that room for a purpose, but as soon as you darkened the door frame, all memory, sense and logic leaves you?

Similarly, have you spent some time looking for your keys/phone/wallet when you realise that they are right there in your hot little hand?

And finally, just to save you time, your sunglasses are on your head.

This blog post has come about as a reaction to my latest post in which I had to sign off quite quickly as there was a neighbourhood emergency.

A few of you have messaged me about the neighbourhood emergency and its’ outcome, so I thought I had better fill you in. This story is being retold with the permission of all.

As I was working away yesterday, a group of us local mums received a text message which went something like…

Hi Gals. I’m at the airport in Adelaide and Charlie has run away. (Charlie is a massive labrador). Can you pretty please send you/your kids out to look for her?

And so it began. Troops were mobilised, vets and pounds were called, and the quiet streets of our suburb came alive with the sound of “Charlie! Come here Charlie!”. And while the children were the foot-soldiers, the mothers were able to search further afield via vehicle. The text chain kept pinging while poor Sam, in Adelaide, canceled her plans for the day and hot footed it to the airport to get on an earlier flight.

I returned home and began to prepare some LOST DOG fliers to stick up around the streets. Then a message came in from Sam.

All Good. Home.

Huzzah! Charlie was home and not being hit by a car somewhere! And so after a few questions it turned out that it was not a mischievous canine to blame, but in fact, human error.

Ok, so Sam and her ex are exceptional examples on how to co-parent kids. They live around the corner from one another and their daughter does week on, week off. Everyone is happy. Charlie the labrador lives with Sam. Their daughter, staying with her father, walks over to find the gate open and Charlie gone. She calls her mother. And then the call goes out and you know the rest.

But what we didn’t know was that Charlie’s Regular Dog Walker had started back this week and while hysterical texts and calls were being made, Charlie and his Walker were galavanting around the dog oval with not a care in the world! It was only when they arrived back home to a house with people in it frantically not knowing what to do, did the truth come out.

So there are a few key takeaways here.

  • It is important not to get lost in the abyss that is this time of the year. Look at your diary on occasion.
  • The fact that there were so many mums and kids doing fuck all at the same time is pleasing.
  • Labradors will eventually come home anyway if they go out because they will need their dinner or they will die.
  • Community is so very, very important.
  • The Sisterhood is strong.
  • A bottle of wine is not necessary as a thank you, but will be well received and opened at 5pm this afternoon.

Over to you my darlings!

I would LOVE to hear a daft story from you when your brain didn’t work.