What a Marvellous Catch!

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If you are anything like our family, if you shut your eyes right now you will hear the cry of cicadas, and the dulcet tones of Bill Lawry as he commentates the Ashes Test. The Ashes is the world famous cricket competition between Australia and England, and began back in 1877.

It is constantly on at our place this time of year so I know a little bit about the game and when I try to watch something else, I am continuously interrupted with requests like;

“Can I just check the score?”

And when Horatio has his mates over, they fill the couches up and yell at the television. It can be quite un-relaxing but then again, it is also really infectious.

“Oh umpire! That was out by a mile!”

 Horatio has an amazing knowledge of the game, and knows all the players and is very patient with me as I pepper him with questions. It is important for me to find some common interests with him as he gets older. That is why I know a lot more about rappers than I care to admit. I have to consciously find the activities that we can build connections over and cricket is a perfect example.

By spending an hour or two watching the cricket with him, having “banter”, well it is just a nice thing to do, just him and me. I would tell him stories of me playing cricket at high school, where my softball skills transferred seamlessly from the diamond to the pitch. I was quite the nifty batsman.

You either grew up watching cricket, or you didn’t. We were cricket tragics, quite often travelling to the SCG. Who can forget the sight of Boonie, the magical batsman, as he ran up and down the pitch scoring 7000 runs at test level. Or what about Magical Merv Hughes, who would famously do his warm up routine as the spectators joined in…

Noses covered in zinc, the players were very colourful characters indeed.

Long summer days watching the cricket, there is something uniquely Australian about it. It is a tradition that families the country over, continue to do generation after generation.

But what if you are clueless to the game? What if you don’t know your spin bowl from your hat trick? What do all these funny words actually mean?

My very clever, and previously clueless about cricket, friend Rachel from the blog Sesame Ellis was tasked by Bupa to put together this guide.


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What about you and your family?

Do you watch the cricket together?

Or are you a sideline Mum on a Saturday?