What I have learnt after ten years of blogging


It has been a decade since I opened a blogger account and registered the name WoogsWorld. Yep, toiling away for ten years, if you can believe that thank you very much! So I thought I would look back and reflect how blogging has changed during that time. And boy, how has it changed.

Back in the day it was very much focused on community, mainly the blogging community, who all knew each other and supported each other. Bloggers were the only people reading blogs because what sort of weirdo fuckwit would want to read about some random persons life on a computer screen. Facebook was in its’ infancy and no one was really on board with it back then. Bloggers lugged around laptops to “meet ups” and someone ran a conference and things started to pick up.

There were no smart phones then.

The media latched onto what was happening. The term MUMMY BLOGGER started being thrown around by main stream media and we were often found being looked down upon. CHECK OUT THAT PHOTO OF ME? Fucking Bold and the Beautiful eat your heart out!

And didn’t we cop some shit! But each time I got knocked down, I got up again and you want to know why?

Because I just love writing my little stories in my little space on the internet. It is as simple as that. With the growth of social media over the years, Instagram and the like, it isn’t to hard to become a “Social Media Star”. Start an Instagram account, have curated, inspirational, unattainable feed, buy some followers and BANG, present your perfect life to brands and bingo. Welcome to the world of Influencing.

And what comes with it now is the hustle. The backstabbing, the haters, the rumours and the inevitable breakdowns that occur because it can sometimes get very messy out there in this industry. But it is not really talked about because the modern influencer is too busy projecting a perfect life.

I have built a business that I love on the fact that my life is far from perfect and I have provided a platform for others to share their stories. My kids will NOT be taking a Bento Box to school with week with cut up carrot stick and raisins because I cannot be bothered and they do not care anyway. We generally live up to incredibly high standards and Social Media has created an arena which makes it very easy to compare your life to others. My simple advice to avoid these feelings is DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE.

Nobody lives the perfect life.

Blogging changed from being about storytelling to “influencer marketing” about six years ago, which was about the time that I decided to make WoogsWorld my full time job. For me, it continues to be about the written word. I have a very average instagram account ¬†and an exceptional Facebook community and a Podcast with Kim that I just love doing.

For this ancient mummy blogger, social media will always be about community, and I want to thank you for being a part of mine. I really appreciate you being here. Even if you are someone who “hate reads” this blog.

You are all bloody marvellous creatures.