North Shore Housewife

Yesterday I did two things which sealed my fate as a North Shore Housewife. I didn’t buy an Audi, nor did I get a cavoodle. WORSE!

I got talked into joining a tennis competition and had a facial.

I know. I am shaking my head as well. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Mrs O’Kelly has long been insisting that her Wednesday Morning Tennis Comp was a total hoot and that I would love it. I kept telling her how much I would LOATHE it, particularly the fact that I had seen her in her tennis outfit (she is a trim type) and there was no WAY that I would be caught dead wearing anything remotely like that.

Not to mention the fact that I had not picked up a racquet since 1983.

But it turns out that persistent nagging and texting CAN be effective and as of next Wednesday I will be able to ad tennis to my list of hobbies. A list that has one thing on it. Eating.

And onto the facial. There are facials and there are facials. My skin had completely gone to shit over the summer as I hadn’t done my usual skincare routine, spent time in the sun, ate and drank like my life depended on it and generally let myself go to seed. So I figured that I had saved a tonne of cash now that I wasn’t killing myself that I would go and get the old epidermis seen to.

I go to Sage Hair and Beauty (mainly because they serve champagne and they are awesome). Upstairs I got tucked in under a warm doona before Katherine got the vacuum out and ran it over my face.

It is called MICRODERMABRASION and it just might be the best invention since Gordon’s decided to make a pre-mixed gin and tonic. It is a machine that literally sucks the crap out of your skin. Dead cells, oil, old phone books EVERYTHING! GONE! And then she got this large dildo-looking machine which then massages some magical serum into my skin, like it didn’t smear it around, it smooshed it RIGHT INTO MY SKIN. I wanted to say penetrated but I have already used the world dildo and this is a family website.

Next thing on the list? Join the Rugby Club Committee which I was also talked into and the first meeting is next week.

FUCK. I am an accidental joiner.

Whats the dumbest thing you have done lately?