The Best Concert in the World

Yesterday at Ten am, Mrs Jenkins downed tools at Huffy Puffy and excused herself for the last fifteen minutes of ourĀ complaining exercise session with out Huffy Puffy Trainer to the Reluctant. Her reason?

Because the best thing about being a woman is her prerogative to have a little fun, and Mrs Jenkins LOVES a live concert! She is always going to big stadiums to see all the big names. Yesterday I asked her which was the BEST concert she has ever been to and without hesitation…

She loves her so much that she saw her in Sydney and then flew to Melbourne to see her again! FAN GIRL BOOM. But apparently Adele HATES travelling and is NEVER touring again which means I will never see her live.

HOWEVER my Dad took me to see these guys at the Horden Pavilion when I was eleven.

And my Stepdad took me to see these guys when I was thirteen. I remember it was my debut fashion moment because I wore head to toe camouflage and it was at the Entertainment Centre and we got McDonalds.

Speaking of the Entertainment Centre, my Mum took me along to see this “concert”. I was not amused but everyone basically shat their pants when they did The Bolero.

And just because in ten years of blogging I have never been able to work out a way to tell this story, this man once tried to pick me up in a nightclub. Oh, and once, I went to a nightclub. I was with my Uncle Fergus. It was a very long time ago.

But my absolute 100% Money back guarantee bestest ever concert was this little dude.

Who or whom was the greatest live act you have ever seen?

And have you ever been hit on by someone who sang a song? I’M AN INDIVIDUAL