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With the kids back at school after the longest summer ever, (Seriously January! Sheesh!), I finally have some time to stop and take stock of things that tend to go by the wayside when we are not running to a schedule. Things like putting the house back together so our lives can run more smoothly. Finding a lunchbox under a bed containing something that once was lunch. And of course, who can forget the old favourite…

My kryptonite

Work starts firing back up again, kids activities and practices start rolling out and all of a sudden that long hot summer is just a whole heap of photos that you can download onto your computer to visit from time to time. And hopefully some good memories as well!

But as you get older you start to understand that it is these little moments that matter.

I will NEVER forget this summer, spending hours with the family in the ocean out the back of the break. Playing skim ball, or riding the waves into the shore. This then feeds back to my own childhood when I was doing the exact same thing with my parents and siblings. Getting unceremoniously dumped by thunderous waves, bobbing and dodging the odd blue bottle and of course, someone would throw a huge clump of seaweed on my head.

Seaweed is also my kryptonite.

As my kids get older, it is harder to share little moments throughout the day because they go off and get their independence. They don’t want to hold hands with you, or read books together. I know that and I get it, but when I think back to the HOURS that I would spend playing with them when they were babies and toddlers, lying on rugs, stacking blocks, clapping hands, singing songs…. the biggest and the best time wasters ever!

But while the apron strings are definitely getting looser, it is still important to take the time to do things together. It doesn’t have to be the big grand gesture. It can be something as simple as Mr. Woog showing Horatio how to use the whipper snipper, which happened last weekend.

Child psychologist Dr Sasha Lynn, believes in the old saying “monkey see, monkey do”.

“Although teens start to turn away from Mum and Dad and look toward their peers more, they still pick up a lot from what we do as parents,” Dr Lynn says. “It’s a tough thing to do, but starting to loosen the grip whilst also trying to spend more time together talking and working with them to problem solve is important.”

 And this is exactly why we signed up for the Bupa Family Challenge.

With the boys lives getting busier and busier, we were all spending less time together and that time we DID get together wasn’t spent very wisely thank you youtube.

We registered online and then each week we were sent a Family Challenge. It could be a cook off or a quick game, and it was just a really nice way to reconnect, just by doing something together.

If this sounds like something your family could benefit from, join the challenge HERE  It is fun, free and there are some great prizes up for grabs.

Now, will you excuse me while I get back to my photos. Look at my little posers…

How do you connect with your family?