Life is a Gift

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I am going to sound all hippy lala right now, but did you know that you are a miracle? And actual miracle! Congratulations and well done to you.

I too, am also a miracle. I don’t mean to sound full of myself, but I am pretty amazing as are you. And why are we all so miraculously amazing?

Because we exist.

Scientists estimate that our actual probability of “being” is about one in 400 trillion. And considering, according to the world clock, that there are 7.6 billion people currently walking the earth does nothing but cement the fact that we are all miracles.

In the last twelve months I have been thinking about my own mortality. This is cheery, isn’t it! But the fact of the matter is that none of us know what is in store, what the future holds, both the great and the not so great, and this led me to slow down. Slow everything down. And it has been such a great year for me both physically and mentally.

Things that I have done that have helped me include the following.


 How often do you multi-task when someone is trying to have a conversation with you, whether it be in person or on the phone. Stop what you are doing and really listen.


All areas of your life. Toxic people and of course the “stuff” that you accumulate. Finished reading a great book? . Give it to someone who you think would like it. Have not worn that lovely warm jumper in a while? Donate it to charity. Don’t go shopping for fun. You will buy stuff that you do not need.

Have a “friend” that makes you feel bad about yourself? Bye bye Felicia. Free the difficult physical and mental space so you can fill it with the good stuff.


 Stress can build up easily for me, so I “squeeze my brain” regularly to free up some space. I do this by meditation and mindfulness. I now eat slowly and without distraction rather than shove food down my gob in front of the telly.


Being a Mum is the most extraordinary thing I have done. I mean, I made people, with a little assistance of course. And the fact that out of the great genetic lottery that resulted in these two particular human beings can actually blow my mind. Remember, one in 400 Trillion?

And they are such gifts to me. Whether it is watching Horatio on the sidelines of the rugby field as he barks encouragement to his team members, or seeing him chucking wheelies down the road, he is a gift to me.

When Jack performs his ballet, I have got to be honest with you; I get so nervous before he goes on to perform his solos that I really work myself up into a spin. (Pardon the pun)

No idea why, it just happens. But when the opening bars of the music begin, and this beaming little face spins and twirls and leaps across the stage with such grace and confidence, sometimes I cry.

I know! Who cries at a ballet recital? How ridiculous. It is just that I get so overwhelmed in the beauty of what he is able to do that I burst.

Recently our family went away on holidays to the beach. The beach is my place, my happy place where I can spend an hour out the back of the break by myself and really let go. I relax all my muscles and do some good thinking. About life and where we are at, what might be in store for us, be thankful that I am able to spend an hour bobbing around and all the things that led me to that exact point.

I have also recently made some lifestyle changes as I have become to realise just what a gift living truly is. I have made it a priority to take better care of myself.

Life is a gift. Take Care of it

Do you ever stop and ponder the marvel of being?