Would you root someone from your work?


I was watching Prue McSween this morning on the tele and they were talking about the bonk ban. For those outside of Australia, our Prime Minister yesterday banned our Members of Parliament from having sex with their staff because of….

Prue made me laugh when she suggested that MP’s have microchips inserted into their dicks to keep tabs on the shenanigans.


The whole idea of having an affair leaves a bad taste in my mouth, much like coffee breath. You are toiling away in your cubicle and next minute some dork from accounts is hitting on you. And it can make you feel quite UGH.

How do I know this?

Because it has happened to me.

A full confession of love was made to me at a Christmas Party. “I LOVE YOU.” For the sake of the shamed we shall call the perp Don.

Don was my mate at work. We shared a space and would often go out for lunch together. Don was in an unhappy marriage and I was carrying the glow of a gal who had just gotten engaged.The office Christmas Party rolled around and Don had had a skin full when he pulled me into a corner at the bar and confessed his love for me, before coming at me with a dirty great tongue!

DONALD! What the hell were you thinking??

Of course our friendship fell by the way, things got completely awkward and he left the state and his wife by favour of an interstate transfer. The only winner in that situation was the lawyers who handled their divorce.

And it got me thinking. Were some professions more prevalent when it comes to trying to get into someone’s pants?

After doing a little digging around, it turns out that there are.

If you are a fella and work in IT, The Financial Sector, POLITICS, Practice the Law or Medicine, you are far more likely to stray. Having said that, women who are teachers, police officers, Nurses, Stay at Home Mums or Real Estate Agents, you too are more generous with your extra marital activities.

If you work long hours, beware! If you work in a stressful environment, take care! You are putting your fidelity at risk!

But of course you can find your true love at your place of employment.

Most people meet their mate through a shared activity, so it is obvious with the amount of time one spends at their place of employment; work works for some. Think of so many actors, who have hooked up with other actors. So many models hook up with photographers.

But me?

My partner was working in the local bookshop and I appreciated the way he alphabetized the fiction section. I liken the whole situation to Julia Roberts and High Grant in the film Notting Hill.

Affairs puzzle me. I mean who could be bothered? And as British writer Bob Monkhouse said, “I would never be unfaithful to my wife for the simple reason that I love my house too much.”

How and where did you meet your beloved?