A screw loose

I looked at the receptionist an admitted to her out loud.

“I am really bad at adulting.” 

She didn’t miss a beat, bless her cotton socks, and admitted that she wasn’t really great at it herself which was alarming as she was a medical receptionist and they are some of the most powerful people on the planet.

The thing about growing up is that you cannot wait to be an adult, but in fact, it is fucking hard. Sometimes I feel like writing all the things that I do down all day for other people. I can spend at least an hour everyday doing personal admin for all who sprang from my loins. And it is a thankless task.

In real life, which is very much the life that I lead, sometimes I think I am on an endless treadmill. Everyday brings new problems that require solutions.

Jacks brand new laptop, well the keyboard is faulty. There is a leak in the roof. The exhaust fan above the oven is fucked. Our house holds the record for having the most busted down-lights.

The laundry tap leaks.

Twenty two years I broke my leg badly and had to have the entire metalworks of Bunnings inserted into it to keep it together. There was no suggestion that it would ever come out.

But after laying dormant for all that time, it appears that I have a screw loose. And I am seeing a surgeon on Monday to discuss its’ future and get this! His name is Dr. Wine! It is medical fate! Hangover heaven!

Now I a hoping that Dr. Wine books me in for a little 2 night vaycay in a private room at a luxury medical facility in LA. I wish to be hooked up to some nice buzzing pain relief and receive a visit from Ellen Degeneres.

A gal has to have a dream after all.