My Agonising Decision

I have no scientific data to back up my allegations, but I do believe the general rise of stress and anxiety in our population is, in part, a result of us having too much choice. Take milk. We used to drink milk. Now there are ten thousand different versions with the latest craze being camel milk. I kid you not.

And then to add to the confusion as is to which milk is the best for us, a dozen self-styled wellness warriors with online internet degrees from Istanbul TAFE, start screeching, jumping up and down to tell us that ANY type of milk will cause an outbreak of the bubonic plague and then there will be a breakaway group who will argue that Banana Milk can actually aid in eyelash growth and I am left there thinking how much I want a chocolate milkshake made from normal cow milk.

Did you know that people, on average, make over 35,000 decisions every day. I scoffed at this number until I mentally started adding up. Take for example, the fact that every SINGLE word that I am typing is a decision! No wonder I am so fucking tired all the time.

Anyway, that was a fairly wordy introduction I wish to get to my point.

Last week I trotted off to the Royal Easter show with one mission. I had heard though the grapevine, or perhaps I read it somewhere, that there was a stall selling Macaroni and Cheese on a stick. Now, I normally try to eat healthily but when it comes to the Royal Easter Show, ALL BETS ARE OFF! I let myself completely off the chain and want to eat all of the things. But I had a hankering to eat some Mac and Cheese on a stick, so after looking at all of the animals, my mate and I decided to test out the elastic on our pants. She went straight for a dagwood dog, while I wandered the lanes, searching for the elusive carb load.

But do you THINK I could find it?

Every other food item was available on a stick, including cheesecake. I was bereft. Eventually I found something called Mac and Cheese nuggets, so I got me some of that and sat down to inhale.

Well, I had not been so disappointed since Malcolm Turnbull became our Prime Minister. Talk about tasteless, floury lumps of gunk! I didn’t even get through one. Then I started to panic.

Hot chips! The hot chips at the show are notoriously good, even though they have been sitting in a warmer for hours and cost sixteen bucks for a bucket. But we had ended up in an area that was devoid of those vans and I didn’t fancy the line at the chip on a stick van so I started to sulk. We went and watched the show jumping and there was a stall there that sold WORLD FAMOUS GOLD MEDAL WINNING pies. So I handed over $22 for a beef pie with sauce. Big mistake.

Have you ever tried to eat a searing hot pie from a bag in your lap? It was very good and I was starving but the whole thing started to fall apart as I tried to eat it until it was eventually just a mess of meat, dripping though said bag onto my lap.

So I consoled myself with donuts.

There is so much good food available at the show and my lack of decisiveness when it came to my consumables meant I left the show very disappointed indeed. And to the person who started the rumour about Mac N Cheese on a stick, I wish you nothing but ill will.

How are you at making decisions?

Are you quick to pull the trigger or do you agonise over everything?