Everyday I’m Hustling


One thing I have recently done is to dramatically cut back on the time I spend scrolling complete bullshit on social media. So much bull shit and it is such a time suck, I mean it is so easy to watch an hour of funny cat videos while life passes you by.

The other annoying thing about Facebook is the glut of online entrepreneurs trying to sell you online courses about how to become an online entrepeneur.

So, just what is an entrepreneur? It is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Why they just don’t call themselves business people I have no idea, but there seems to be one giant circle jerk surrounding the whole movement, where there tends to be a giant SWEET SPOT. Sweet spot is a term that is used a lot, and who doesn’t love a GO GET EM TIGER quote!

The problem that I see with online entrepreneurs selling courses to other budding online entrepreneurs is that eventually it is going to eat its own tail. Until then, meet the queen!

Marie Forleo is 42 year old New Yorker who first got noticed when she published the obnoxiously titled book Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself! in 2008 before going on to become one of the most successful online entrepreneurs to sell courses to budding online entrepreneurs, with one of her tactics to “raise capital” is to give a cut of each sale that her clients make of HER course! THE WOMAN IS A FREAKING GENIUS!

Then again, once upon a time I too showed signs of early promise.

The year was 1987 and I was a boarder in Year 8 at and all girls private school. It was an exciting week, because the Christian Club were selling tickets to a dance. Not just any dance! A dance with real life actual boys present. These tickets were hot property BECAUSE BOYS. I was talking to the nice Christian girl selling the tickets, pumping her for information about exactly how many boys were going to be at the dance, when she asked me to man the desk so she could visit the latrine.

Now, there was no WAY that I was going to be seen sitting behind the Christian Club desk, my cred would take leave but I said I would stand next to it, because for some reason that would make all the difference. Once she was out of sight, my business brain swooped into plat as I grabbed a fistful of tickets and shoved them into my pocket. Christian urinating concluded and I left her to it, in the foyer, selling her $5 tickets.

Meanwhile, I told the biggest gossip in the grade about the fact there there were fifteen half price tickets about to be released for sale behind the dumpster next to the chapel. Work spread quickly and soon my tickets in my pocket were replaced by a profit of $37.50. Not bad for ten minutes of hustling……

What I didn’t bank on was that my business plan reaching the ears of the evil year co-orinator, who reported it in the the FOULEST Headmistress who HATED me, and I was tapped on the shoulder by a prefect and escorted to said Headmistresses office.

She had actual steam coming out of her ears.

Oh and didn’t I cop it! I was told that I was the anti-christ, the antithesis of everything a good Abbotsleigh girl should strive to be, that I was going to hell etc etc etc.

The door opened, and there stood my Mum. She didn’t look thrilled, if I can be honest. I was given a weeks suspension and the ride home was silent.


I did overhear Mum later in the day on the phone to my Dad.

“Well Jim,” She said “I think that we should be pleased that she is showing signs of becoming an entrepreneur….

And years later I sit here still, hustling.

Do you run your own business?

Do you love the hustle?