Riddle me this….

Ok so riddle me this.

Why, during the school term, I find it so hard to get out of bed but come school holidays I am up with the kookaburras! It is driving me insane.

Speaking of insane, the latest episode of The Hot Flush has landed. Mrs Berry and I get stuck into¬†bitching like two old bats the highs and lows of parenting teenagers and how our social media careers have taken a tumble to to our kids adolescence. WHY DON’T WE TALK ABOUT IT MORE!

Sheesh, I mean the stress which then can spin into anxiety! US MUMS NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT!

Why can your kid go from being a beautiful human to a grunting monster in under a nano-second….

Plus we cover all the old favourite segments. Click below. Fast becoming the worlds favourite podcast for pensioner aged penguins.