She died with an iPhone in her hand

Well hello irony! And when I say irony there is a 99% chance that you are reading my blog post on a smart phone.

Last week I went to the movies. I was reminded by a Telstra advertisement to switch off my phone so it wouldn’t beep or ring during the film. I switched it to silent, chucked it in my bad and went on to waste 90 of my time watching a terrible movie called I Feel Pretty.

When my torture ended, I walked out onto the street and checked my phone. There was 6 missed calls from my son, so naturally I assumed he had either been arrested or was in the back of an ambulance.

I called him back and he accused me of deliberately ignoring his calls.

“I was in a movie, son.” I said. He was fine for those who were wondering. Just wanted some money to get some sushi. School goes back tomorrow and I for one am ok with that.

But it really got me thinking about how reliant we have become on our phones. Go anywhere where people are, and have a good look around you. You can see just how many people are scrolling their screens. And it is not great news. While recent research suggest that our teenagers are drinking, smoking and bonking less, the outcome of smart phone consumption is not great.

“A big national screening study found a 50 per cent increase in clinical-level depression between 2011 and 2015, the suicide rate went up quite a bit over that same period.” said psychologist Dr. Jean Twenge. She continued.

“That’s exactly when most people got smartphones and it moved from being something that only some people were doing to something almost all teens were doing for about six to eight hours a day.”

And that, my friends, concerns me.

Now, for someone whose job actually relies on social media, I would forgive you for thinking that I am a hypocrite. I know in myself when it is time to BACK AWAY FROM YOUR PHONE GOOD WOMAN AND GO AND PULL WEEDS FOR AN HOUR. I dismay at times when I check instagram when I see thirteen year old girls pouting in bikinis. Actually, ANYONE pouting in bikinis is annoying.

Bikinis are annoying. However, I digress.

When my kids are being horrible to each other, I know that it is time for the phones to be switched off. You should SEE the carry on, wailing like an addict who has run out of their drug. I ignore it, they continue to bicker and then, a small miracle occurs.

One will eventually tire and suggest that they go for a bike ride, or have a game of road tennis or do something! It is a smug mum moment that I enjoy. We have a super strict no phones at the table policy and the phones are handed in every night.

So although my title might be a tad sensational, there are many examples of when your iPhone might kill you. People have been electrocuted, either in bed or on the bath, and they are to blame for far too many deaths on the roads.

There is also strong evidence to suggest that too much time spent looking, reading, scrolling and consuming social media can cause a brain imbalance where you get too much of the dangerous transmitter known as gamma aminobutyric acid is released. This chemical unbalance can cause anxiety, depression and fatigue.

And around and around we go!

We have recommended dosages on medications and recommended dietary guidelines, but is there a recommended guideline for smart phones?

What are your thoughts?

Are you spending to much time on social media and not enough time being actually social?

Are your kids spending to much time scrolling?