Do you believe in signs?

Ok so a strange thing has been happening to me. Stranger than usual I mean.

Most days I just get about, doing my thing, hustling, you know the drill. Drink my coffee, yell at talk back radio and try to make my bed with an animal still on it.  And I find myself glancing at my phone at exactly 11.11am. And so I started screenshotting them. Was this a coincidence? What does it mean? I would then send them to my friend who is quite highly tuned in on the spiritual side, and she told me that it meant new beginnings.

So of course I became obsessed with it and did a little research about it. Some believe that it means that my guardian angel is close by, and that I needed to focus on the stuff I want (smaller boobs please) and shun negative thoughts (slapping slow walkers in the back of the head would be satisfying but will lead to assault charges)

Some believe that it is a sign to pay attentions to your thoughts. (What the fuck and I going to cook for dinner.)

Others believe that it is a sign that I can start “manifesting my true self”, which makes me concerned with what the hell I have been doing for the past 44 years. LIVING A LIE!

It can also mean that I am on the path of a true awakening – which I have no idea what this means to be frank.

It can also be a sign to make a wish! (calorie free schnitzel and a lotto win please)

“The meaning of 11:11 is that you are being called for ACTION.” To do what? What if I am perfectly ok with being ordinary, set in my ways, becoming slightly snarky as I age? Do I have to add to my load the fact that I should be feeling guilty by not reaching 100% of my true capabilities?

I, for one, am sick of being asked if I am SMASHING IT, REACHING MY GOALS, IDENTIFYING OPPORTUNITIES AND SEIZING THE DAY! Isn’t it good enough that I show up most days? So tired….

I am just a middle-aged woman with bags under my eyes and my boobs swinging around my knees, sitting in front of a computer, writing little yarns, watching cat videos on Facebook, who happens to look at her phone most days at 11.11am.

Do you believe in signs?