Natural Xanax

As part of my job as a celebrity mummy blogger, style guru, social commentator and belly button gazing specialist, I feel it is my duty to be across most topics. But there is one file in my brain that I tend to focus on. And that is stress and stress busting.

You see, dear reader, as I am getting older, I find that my patience is diminishing, my anger is quick to flare and my tolerance for dickheads has dipped below empty. But the problem is, when I lose my shit at the kids, yell at the old ball and chain or are generally foul, my body floods with the evil hormone cortisol and too much cortisol is not my friend. Stress puts your health at risk is so many ways, so I thought I would share a few tactics that I practice to try and keep as zen as possible.

This blog post was inspired by a trip to the cinema recently. You see, one of my triggers is people rustling food wrappers, such as chips and lollies. It is BANNED in my car, but I do not have jurisdiction over a hundred people in a dark room eating Malteasers, so I had to implement my number one tool.

The old 6 – 4 – 7.

Ok, so if you are starting to feel stressed, tense or anxious stop what you are doing. Shut your eyes and draw a deep breath up via your nostrils and count to 6 in your head while breathing in. Then you hold it for four seconds, before exhaling out through your mouth for seven seconds. Do it four times, and I swear you get some sort of natural high!  This really works for me, so try to remember it as it is a good one.

Next up, there is new research that shows that volunteering can help reduce your stress levels. I am a volunteer, I put my hand up for committees and BBQ shifts etc because volunteering is extremely unselfish, connects you to your community and gives you a sense of purpose.  Pop into your local retirement village and ask about their volunteering programs.

And finally one that will not be popular with everyone, but this week an international study has been released which supports the theory that exercise can lead to a decreased rate of depression. This is because HELLO ENDORPHINS! AS a natural couch potato, I can confirm that this is 100% the case for me, and as much as I roll my eyes when people talk about exercise, just do it mmmkay? It works.

And finally, rethink your desire to breed children. If this is too late an option for you, invest in an enrolment in a country boarding school.

As much as I like to think I know everything, this is just my own experiences and if stress is a real issue for you, go and chat to your GP about it.

When you feel stressed, what do you do?

Have you ever shushed people in the cinema?