The Valedictorian of Repulsion

Things around WoogsWorld have been quiet of late.

And that is because I have been in convalescence! You see, ten days ago I had an operation on my leg to remove some hardware from an old break and I have been experiencing feelings of an endone coma. The doctor told me that I should not make important decisions or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of painkillers, and I adhere to the same rule that you should never drink and blog. So downing tools was on the menu, as well as many tasty options from Uber Eats.

Now, if you have a weak constitution, please avert your eyes NOW….. ( It is worth noting that in this weeks episode of The Hot Flush, Mrs. Berry refers to herself as the Valedictorian of Repulsion, but she hath not a leg to stand on, if you’ll pardon the pun.

I like the arrow in particular. THIS IS THE LEG YOU CAN CUT OPEN! NOT THE OTHER ONE! Please note that this operation was done ten days ago and my leg hair has come back in magnificently in this recent photo. Stitches out tomorrow, along with my dreams of ever being a Victoria’s Secret Model.

Anyway, in other exciting news I continued to build my Media Empire while convalescing on the couch. We recognised a gaping wide gap in the market for gift ideas for those amongst us who are deciding to get a hysterectomy. Hallmark does not make a card for “I am sorry your ute as been backed out of the driveway!” so in conjunction with Far Kew, we are pleased to be able to offer to you a selection of appropriate gifts that you can order online and ship directly to your womb-less friends. Now that they have got a GST free vagina, it’s time to celebrate!

It comes in many fetching colour options and we are already enjoying seeing many of them out at their new homes. Apparently they make hot beverages taste 100% better! We think that it is because it is made with a side of resentment…

Liz from Brisbane is enjoying her Mug of Hot Beverage with what appears to be a tasty home-made slice. I wan to say Apricot? Liz! Whats that you’re eating?


Now that you have gagged at my leg, ordered a mug for a friend and gotten through my drivel, I invite you to listen to the latest episode of The Hot Flush, The World’s Premiere Podcast for the Peri-Menopausal. And as we like to say… JUST KEEP PLUCKING!


 We are also taking on board suggestions to expand the range of high-end merchandise.

Feel free to leave suggestions.