High Quality Whinging

Gloomy day outside is reflecting on my gloomy mood. For you see, today I have a shit load to do, including my most hated task in the entire world. It deadset gives me huge anxiety.

I am renewing one of the kids passports.

It means many phone calls to Mr. Woog to get many details, harassing a mate to give me her passport details, I will no doubt fuck it up and have to go to the post office a dozen times and have a cry to the kind man who serves me. One time, I had to make 5 appointments! Mr. Woog finally understood that if you sign outside the box the application gets filed into the bin.

Why is it so stressful? Thank GOD Mr. Woog checked the passport before we rocked up to the airport with an expired one. But now we are racing against the clock, adding to the pressure. Hold me.

Anyway, I am pleased to present you with the latest episode of The Hot Flush. We seriously let ourselves off the chain in this episode, talking about memory loss, getting flustered by too many choices and why my applications to Love Island was rejected. (Ageist pricks!) I hope you enjoy.