Itchy necks & Hairy eyeballs

One of the unspoken symptoms of being in the throes of peri-menopausal is the onset of incredibly strong urges of irritability. It is full on. Things that you wouldn’t think twice about becomes so big that it can turn you into a rabid, snarling swamp queen and boy, you had better look out!

This is because we are experiencing a drop in oestrogen, which can cause fatigue, irritability and can also mean that we have difficulty concentrating.


Last night I got home after having a lovely dinner with friends only to find my two sons going for it, hammer and tong, in the kitchen. Way to kill my vibe dudes. Now normally I would try to intervene but they just broke me. I told them to knock themselves out and retreated to the comforts of my bedroom.

This morning I was greeted my this in the kitchen and I just burst into tears.

I mean, why wouldn’t you just fucking open the fucking lid of the bin and put it in there? Why?

Why wouldn’t you notice that the toilet roll holder needed replacing and fucking replace it?

Why would you take the last diet coke from the fridge when you KNOW that it is one of my sources of sustenance?

Why would you promise me that you were all ready for school the next day, then tell me that you cannot find your sports shoes five seconds before the bus comes?

It would probably just be faster for me to list my current irritations.

  • Rustling of packets of any sort, particularly in the car
  • Wet towels on bedroom floors
  • Finishing off the milk and putting it back into the fridge
  • Running out of teaspoons and having to go into bedrooms to find the teaspoons and finding crusty plates
  • When I ask someone to do something, the upward inflection at the end of the word WHYYYYYYER? makes me want to scream
  • When I make a phone call and everyone in the family comes into the room to ask who I am speaking to. WHYYYYYER?
  • Standing in front of the television doing pirouettes when it is fucking obvious that I am trying to watch the news
  • Oh and I can tell that you went to put a dirty cup into the dishwasher, opened to find that it needs unpacking, shut it and put the dirty cup on the bench top instead
  • And while I should appreciate you actually making the effort to wear deodorant, why the hell do you need to spray it for thirty seconds under each arm IN THE GODDAM KITCHEN where I am making my black coffee because you drank all the milk

Recently I requested an audience with Mr. Woog so I could calmly and rationally explain to him why I was losing my shit so often. He kept one eye nervously on the door as I told him that my hormone were making me short-tempered and that it was something that I was well aware of BUT COULD YOU JUST FUCKING PUT THE TEA BAG IN THE BIN AND NOT THE SINK!

So, how do we deal with the bout of early onset, irrational irritability? I asked the ladies of Woogsworld to share some tips with me.

  • Sleep and stay away from triggers like kids, bosses or husbands who are clueless.
  • I warn my family now so if they keep on annoying me be it on their own head. I let them know ” be warned I am about to cry or strangle someone !” I try to tell myself “don’t sweat the small stuff” some days more successfully than others
  • I take a deep breath and sigh it out to let go of whatever is irritating me. Mostly it works.
  • Mood stabilisers, exercise, reality tv, circuit break by leaving the house & seeing happy people, massage, hating on Barnaby/Trump & meditation
  • Reduce the irritants, even if it means seclusion, works better for all concerned.
  • Deep breathing and leaving the house immediately to have a coffee with a good girlfriend who doesn’t mind if I vent a little
  • Deep breath. Count to ten. Go outside and do a few laps of house. Deep breath. Re-enter house.
  • I take myself into time out and when it is very very clear that I have been a rabid bitch I make sure I apologise.
  • Communicate – 1) with yourself own what you are feeling
    2) articulate to kids/partner – I need some space right now I’m feeling…. can we talk about this later when I have calmed down…
    3) Do whatever it is that brings you down
    Most importantly know your triggers ! Learn to read your own body – so you can deal with anger before losing it.
  • Talking about it lessens it power over you & invites an open, honest exchange. Like “I’m just REALLY crabby right now!!”

Now, I take a LOT of comfort knowing that I am not the only one going through this right now, and being irritated and cranky is not healthy for ones mental status, but SHEESH it is good to get this conversation started.

Now hand me the hot chips and no one will get hurt.

Are you getting more irritated as you get older?

How do you handle it?