Woogsworld turns 10 today + GIVEAWAY

On this day, ten years ago, I typed in How To Blog into Google, and set up a little site called Woogsworld.

If you had told me that this little blog would grow and grow and would eventually become my business, I would tell you to lay off the weed because BITCH BE WHACK!

During the past decade social media has changed so much, but I don’t think I have. I still turn up, write my slightly dull observations of life, celebrating the mundane and connecting a glorious community of like minded readers along the way. I am not fashionable, or stylish, or a particular authority on a topic, but I turn up and you turn up, and that means I have the best job in the world.

For me, anyway.

And in a world where we have never been more connected before, in some ways technology has changed us. I still believe that there is nothing more important that real life human contact, but for various reasons, a lot of online relationships are very important to know that you are not going through this life alone.

Anyway, TEN YEARS! Go me….

Anyway, I have put together a little WoogsWorld Birthday Giveaway with a few of my favourite brands. Now, these businesses are special to me because they are run by women who happen to be friends of mine. I am a huge advocate of supporting small businesses over large corporations because I know how hard it is to constantly hustle. Lets get to it, shall we!

One lucky reader will win the following.

Hickory Hill is run by my friend from uni days Gendy, and her mate Edwina, who saw a gap in the market for premium sleepwear. As the brand grew, so did their range with loungewear, swim wear and bags. Hickory Hill have generously donated a pair of pyjamas of your choice, and one of their amazing raffia bags.

PLUS the girls want to give my readers 20% off any order. Just use the code Woogsworld when you order. Check out the entire dreamy range by clicking HERE. Plus they are having a massive sale this week so don’t miss out.

I met Kirsten years ago via blogging. She is the creator of the adorable blog Kirsten and Co.

She is dead set divine. Her business, Skin Boss, was born because of Kirsten’s own skin issues following a lengthy battle with a serious illness known as Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH), Skin Boss is now helping thousands of others around Australia and New Zealand with their own skin care needs. Thanks to Skin Boss, the winner will receive the entire range of luxurious face and body oils. I use them, and they are the BOSS! (The Coconut Body Oil is to die for)

Jack also is addicted.

Check out the entire range and read more about Kirsten’s story by clicking HERE. Add the code Woogsworld for free shipping. (NZ and Australia only.)

Kate Sutton and I have been knocking around since 1992. I spotted this gloriously beautiful girl walk past my dorm room and of course, being 18, I immediately disliked her because she was a beautiful, lithe, smiling, happy person studying to be the next Jana Wendt and I was a hairy trog with low self esteem who was studying for a degree of which learning to play the recorder was required. There was no way someone who looked like that would be friends with someone like me.

BUT I WAS WRONG! We have never had a fight! Can you believe that? After all these years, she is nothing  but kind, fun and generous in every way. I am getting emo. That will do pig, that will do….

How did Uberkate come to be?

“Travelling the world with a tiny baby at home as a TV producer inspired me to make the first set of Ubercircles. I used a set of vintage letter stamps to hammer her name into the metal of one circle… I held that circle close every time we were apart.”

Other jewellery companies have gone on to rip off her designs, and I get so pissed off, but there is NOTHING like an Uberkate Original Design.

But what has Kate come up with for the Birthday Giveaway? BRACE YOURSELF!


Uberkate is currently having a MASSIVE sale as well at the moment so CLICK HERE to check it out!


Simply leave a comment on this blog post, telling me which WoogsWorld blog post is your most memorable! Most of you have been kicking around these parts for years, so I would love to hear which story resonated with you the most.

I will chose a winner and announce them on the blog on Saturday 30th June. It is that simple.

The winner will be sent ALL OF THIS! HEAVEN. Get to it people. And thanks again for ten glorious years. xx