What Women Want


There appears to be a bit of a glut of my friends going through separations and divorces. And I totally get it. Marriage is bloody hard work at times, and mid-life crises are a true thing! Some are amicable splits, but most are not. Most are due to someone unable to keep it in their pants.

Mr Woog and I have an insurance policy in place which will hopefully see us grow old together. That being, if you leave, you have to take the kids.

But this isn’t about me, it is about my friend Sam. Sam dodged a bullet last year, by calling off her impending wedding to the wrong man. She then spent some time being active on the dating scene, with us, her mates, living vicariously though her. But on a beach in Thailand with me last week, she announced that she was a little over the casual dating scene, and felt that she was ready to meet her match. Her perfect match. I explained to her that men were a little bit like real estate. You are going to have to compromise a little, as there is no such thing as the perfect man, or the perfect apartment. You may have to just deal with one bathroom, or slightly shorter than you would prefer. Unless you want to undertake a FULL RENOVATION and who has time for that!

Sam is a do-er and she whipped out a notebook and we put a list together, outlining desirables in a potential suitor. We also reached out to the Wise Women of Woog, who also had quite a fair bit to contribute. So I am sharing this list with you in the hopes that you might have a single man in your life who needs a little guidance as to what women want.

Kindness. Humour. Empathy.

Makes excellent breakfast & makes you laugh

Treats his mother well but isn’t a mumma’s boy
Patience, work ethic, humour, consultation ( ie make sure you are both on the same page) compatible in the sack, personal hygiene, easygoing,
Resilient ( no baby men required)
Proactive, ie doesn’t need to be reminded or asked to do stuff.
Puts used tea bag in bin ( not sink). Replaces toilet roll.
Financially healthy 😬
Can aim correctly in the bathroom.
Someone who will put you first , take cate if you when you are sick and happy to have pizza in front of the tv 📺
Respectful, thoughtful, able to talk about emotions
What ever she writes she MUST be specific, I wrote a list once and met a lovely chap, built like a brick shit house, heart of gold, quite good looking, good job etc, Had to be at least 6ft 3 muscles for Africa and the tinest pecker you’ve ever seen! I am talking thin and short! Your little finger would be bigger! Needless to say he wasn’t the one..So be VERY specific!
Intuitive. Loving. Able to hold a conversation. Enjoys looking at issues from multiple perspectives. Funny. Kind. Empathetic. Doesn’t feel that he needs to rescue you, and supports you 100% in achieving your goals. Complements your own strengths and weaknesses. Doesn’t claim to be perfect and has the emotional intelligence to recognise his own strengths and weaknesses. Emotionally available.
This was just a tiny sample of what women want. What I thought was very interesting, apart from the penis thing, that 99% of the feedback was about character and not appearances! We are not that shallow, GO US!
Sam put together her wish list, wrote it out and sent it out to the universe via a leaf.
And now, we wait.

Are you currently seeking a mate?

What would you have on your list?