Elkhorn Overdose

I have been together with Mr. Woog now for 23 years and not a week goes by that I don’t peer out of the kitchen window and shake my head at his antics. He is VERY eccentric to say the least, and it appears that he is getting even more ridiculous as he gets older.

He gets 100% invested in hobbies. And his latest hobby is perhaps the most ridiculous one apart from the time that he got into, what I called YODEL WALKING, where he would go for big long walks with a pair of sticks. It is an actual sport, know as Nordic Walking.

The Divine Ms. M almost crashed her car on the corner of Miller and Falcon when she clocked him YODEL WALKING across North Sydney Park. I had to beg him to stop because it was publicly embarrassing. For me.

Anyway, enter the new obsession. The Elk Horn. Here is the one that started the craze.

I have featured this one on Instagram and have fielded over a dozen enquiries from followers, enquiring how one might purchase an original Woog Elkhorn. Sensing an opportunity to go into early retirement, I asked Mr. Woog if he was interested in going into small business. But he said, and I quote, “It would be like trying to choose my favourite child…”

One Saturday he informed me that he was taking me out on a date. When we got to the car, I noticed that he had borrowed a friends huge big trailer and in the trailer was a metal pole and a shovel.

Immediately I thought I was off to make my acquaintance with a shallow grave. Oh isn’t it fabulous to live with a catastrophic mind! We were not off to a nice lunch, but we were off to North Turramurra as Mr. Woog had bought  GINORMOUS elk horn from an old lady on Gumtree.

Romance much?

And so the love affair continued.

I do believe that you can have too much elk horn…

I think they tend to breed…

Oh look, they are just fucking everywhere. On trees in the back yard, on trees in the front yard and there is even a Elkhorn Nursery….

Instead of taking a nice box of chocolates as a hostess gift when we go to people’s houses for dinner, he presents them with a Elkhorn Baby.

When I go to the computer and it is opened to Gum Tree with the search on Elk Horn, I have to go and deliver the bad news that ELK HORNS ARE NOT TRENDY AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THEM.

When it all started to go down, Mr. Woog made a purchase to make Elk Horn Transportation easier, so naturally I doctored up this…

But the joke now is well and truly over.

Does your partner have a hobby that is a little insane?